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Here the requirement from our client, says that we have two different types of BOM for producing same product with in plant based on the machine by which we are making the product. So whenever if we create production order BOM has to be picked automatically based on the machine.

To achieve the above scenario, we created two types of production order types MAC1 and MAC3. So whenever if the product produced from Machine 1, they can chose order type MAC1 and if the product produced from Machine 2, they can choose order type MAC3.

But whatever the order type you choose, BOM will come as same for the product as per Standard SAP. So  to make the automatic determination different BOM as per production order type, we had done some configuration changes as below.

1.      Define BOM Usage:

Create a BOM usage as “Z” as a copy of standard usage “1 – Production”.

2.      Define Material Types Allowed for BOM Header

Make an entry with BOM usage “Z” with material type header as “*” and allowed indicator as “+”.

3.   Define Allowed Material Types for BOM Items

Make an entry mentioned in the screenshot.

4.    Define Order of Priority for BOM Usages:

Create a Selection ID as “Z1” with Selection Priority 1 and BOM usage as “Z”.

5.      Define Application:

Define  application as “ZP01” as a copy of “PP01” but selection ID as “Z1”.

6.      Define Order Type dependent parameter

In order type dependent parameter, select BOM application as “ZP01” instead of “PP01” in the Order with the respective plant.

7.      Now maintain  alternate BOM with usage as “Z”. and try to create production order with that order type (***3 – as shown in the picture).

Z usage BOM will be assigned to this production order instead of Production usage (1).


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