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Recently I came across one thread about restriction of Confirmation once after Technical Completion (TECO) of PM Order.

This topic has been discussed many times & different kinds of solution are possible which includes Configuration / Customization and Development / Enhancement.

In SAP, anything & everything can be achieved with some kinds of simple development or complex development. But I would rather prefer to go in Functional way (No harm to technical solution) as Functional solutions can be given within ourselves.

Generally in Implementation projects, users tend to ask more controls but at the later stage they will feel that some of them are not required. By going in functional way, we can address (Providing the control & Revoking the control) these issues very easily.

This is continuation of previous document User Status in SAP

Let me get into the topic.

  • User Status Definition (Transaction Code is OIBS)

Defined 2 user statuses. Here, you can assign Authorization Key by which user can't able to change these status themselves at transaction level.

Note: Authorization Keys can be created in transaction BS52.

By double clicking the first status "ACNF" & assign the business transaction "Revoke Technical Completion" & select the option as "SET". So when you revoke the TECO status of the order, this user status can be selected automatically without any manual intervention.

Now double click on 2nd status to assign the appropriate business transactions & its Influence or Next Action.

TECO of PM Order will set the 2nd user status automatically as well as this user status will restrict the allocation of cost to that PM order either through Confirmation and even manual Cost allocation through FI entries.

  • Business Usage:

PM Order has been set to TECO.

Now while trying to do the confirmation in IW41 / IW42 or any confirmation transaction.

By Clicking "Status Information" button, you can understand the reason behind this message.

By this, we can able to control the Order Confirmation upon TECO of PM Order.

By having these controls through User Status, it doesn't mean that you can't have other kinds of user statuses in the same profile.

User status profile can be created for any no. of statuses which includes restriction of Confirmation upon TECO.

System doesn't restrict you to do any kinds of analysis with any user status.