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SAP ECC 4.7c or higher


This document explains how you can setup number ranges in Personnel Planning which are version specific or object specific.

Author(s):    Shaishavi Harpalani

Company:   iGate

Created on: 10 October 2012

Author Bio

Shaishavi has been working in the SAP HCM consulting field for over 8 years now. The areas that she handled include Personnel Administration, Organizational Management, Compensation Management, Time Management, Payroll, ESS and MSS, HCM forms.


A number range is a set of numbers. When you create objects, these numbers are assigned as an object ID, either internally by the system, or externally by the user. The number range could be specific for a plan version or object type or a combination of both. You will first determine subgroup for which the number range is to be created.

Determine subgroup for number ranges (Personnel Planning Objects)

A subgroup is combination of plan version and object type.

Subgroup = XXYY


XX is plan version

YY is Object Type

If there is no specific plan version of Object type then $$ is used.


  1. Plan version independent subgroup = $$C
      • If you want to create specific number range for all the jobs (Object type C), then
      • Plan version specific subgroup = 01C (Where 01 = Active plan Version) 

  1. If you want to create Plan version specific number range
      • Object Type specific subgroup = 01S (For positions)
      • Object Type independent subgroup = 01$$


Configuration Steps:

Step 1: Enter the subgroup for which you wish to set up number assignment.

We will first create subgroup through the SPRO path: Personnel Administration > Organizational Management > Basic Settings > Maintain Number Ranges > Maintain Number Ranges. Click on new entries, to create the new subgroup (We will use 01T as an example in this document).

Step 2: Select the subgroup on the following screen and choose ‘Number Range Assignment’ and then click on ‘Change intervals’.

Step 3: A new data screen appears on which you can maintain number range intervals. Choose "Create interval".

Step 4: Enter the code for the number assignment (IN or EX), the lower limit and the upper limit of the interval in the dialog box which then appears.

In the case of external number assignment, mark the field "ext" also.

Step 5: Choose "Insert" and save your entries.

Note: Alternatively you can use Tcode SNUM to maintain number ranges. Object Type used here would be RP_PLAN. 


When you create a task (tcode PP01) then check the number internally assigned by the system.

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