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Running SAP products on HANA is great for sure, however, if this approach is the final destination and replacing anyDB with HANA, then this is something like using a smart phone only for talking and net surfing.

HANA is not only a database or a platform or an appliance, HANA is much more then these. HANA is the icon and the enabler of the distruptive transformation.

The very first step to move new digital world is to move HANA

There is no such a tool or service which will tell you, your company's or your solution landscape's readiness to move HANA, because each and every SAP landscape need desperately to move HANA, this decision is not subject to evaluate. But how to built your digital landscape with HANA is the main challenge.

If you approach HANA only as a DB then you will only use HANA, you will have faster business transactions, your users will experience beautiful Fiori screens, your existing solution landscape will run faster and faster never happen before. But you'll never fly !

In order to be fastest and unique in your industry you need to fly. You need to run your business Real-Time. Your solution landscape not only run on HANA but consume every cell of HANA.

Your Core Business should run on S/4HANA and connected to other sources real-time no matter those applications run on cloud or on-premise. Mobile or desktop.

You need to listen every piece of data from sensors, because in the digital economy, data is being created by cencors not by humans. You need to listen every consumer, however they are talking in the social media. You need to understand and predict theır behaviour to offer them right products and services on the right time with right conditions. This means billions of records, and petabytes of data, some structured, some unstructured. So you need a powerful tool or translater, to manage and convert petabytes of data into business value.

You need SAP HANA Vora to enable data scientists and developers who prefer Spark R, Spark ML to mash up corporate data with Hadoop/Spark data easily, leverage SAP HANA’s multiple data processing engines for developing new insights from business and contextual data.

SAP HANA Vora Roadmap : https://websmp203.sap-ag.de/~sapidb/012002523100016332222015E.pdf

You need a simple, agile, light but powerful analytics foundation in-order to create, predict and share every piece of insight real-time with everyone you need to inform.SAP BusinessObjects Cloud will cover all your analytic, predictive and planning needs

Roadmap for Analtytics Solution from SAP : https://websmp203.sap-ag.de/~sapidb/011000358700000650752012E.pdf

HANA Cloud Platform, will be your only platform to innovate, to extented your capabilities with the help of SAP and the SAP EcoSystem. Roadmap can be found here : https://websmp203.sap-ag.de/~sapidb/012002523100016221242014E.pdf

Finally it is time to Consume HANA...

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