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The objective of this blog is to motivate the consultants when they are demoralized.


Nothing is impossible in the world…..Don’t be crazy by seeing this words.


Today the world is growing very faster, always there are new technologies are coming up. Management and even yourself is not satisfying with traditional performance, you need to be updated, need to learn many things, need to perform well, and you need to establish yourself in all the areas like an expert.

Is it really possible…?


If you say yes then making yourself as a fool. Because your lifetime is not enough for getting expert level knowledge in all the areas.


What is the right approach?

Don’t be tensed and don’t be panic, don’t be crazy when there are new technologies are coming up, be specific about your area/technology, choose that as per your wish not by force and there you should not compromise and try to get an expert level knowledge. Until and unless you are strong in your area/technology nobody can reach you.


Get some basic level knowledge of other technologies.


I will tell one example about this:


If you are staying in a village ….I will start example with an apartment as we are in this culture, Knowing about your neighbors is a basic knowledge and that is enough. If you’re trying to remember their family/children names are not required. We must know about our family and their interests as those are the ultimate people who give happiness to you.


The conclusion is Family is your Technology.  Neighbor’s children interests are New/Other Technologies.


The example is given only for understanding and getting rid of thinking much about new by leaving your technology.


Note: My intention is not to learn new technologies. The intention is to get expert level knowledge in your technology.



We will see how the consultants are making life horrible by themselves:


  • Giving commitment without a workaround

  • Thinking only about timelines instead of finding the solution

  • Thinking about people around instead of him/self

  • Always wants to live in comfort zone



1, Giving commitment without workaround:


This is the main reason where consultant making himself torture by giving commitment without analyzing or without doing a proper workaround.

Before giving commitments need to check the following:

  • Technical feasibility

  • Practical feasibility

  • Whether it suitable to the business requirement

  • Check whether it is impacting other areas.

  • Resource planning.. etc.


2, Thinking only about timelines instead of finding a solution:


This situation comes where you have given commitment without a workaround

Then what is the next step.....?

Happens is happens don’t think much about your timelines. This about the solution and its practical feasibility and convey the same instead of worrying.


3, Thinking about people around instead of him/self:

Ignore the people (Bad) around you. We can find good persons but we can count on figures. The better way is to ignore the people in the mind and think about your subject. If you are bored with subject get relaxed by reading some good books.


4, Always wants to live in comfort zone:


I will close this blog by quoting some words about this.

Please don’t want to live in comfort zone, why I am saying this is if there are no issues there is no role of consultant.Be ready for the solutions for the issues.


Last but not least .............you should work with a smile  ……Not by force.



Pavan Kumar Arvapally

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