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Dear All,

As some customers are facing error while executing form 24Q using transaction PC00_M40_F24Q as " No valid records found for employee/employees selected for this criteria"

SAP has released note 2320222 on 20.05.2016 with the solution steps_

1. Steps need to be followed when running form 24q report using TAN No.

2. Check if correct Taxation Year (2016 taxation is just an example) is entered in selection screen while running form24q report

3. Check if challan mapping (using report HINUCMAP or transaction PC00_M40_CMAP) for that particular quarter has been done correctly i.e. in Tables T7INTE and PCL4 should have valid records..

4.Relevant SAP Note Nos. (should exist in your system)

2238373 - HINCF24Q: Issue in radio button
2203754 - HINCF24Q: Error 'No Entry in Table T549A'
2197902 - HINCF24Q: Error Message for Incorrect Payroll Area
2216064 -Challan Mapping for Retro Payroll Results
1893212 - Challan Mapping Utility Dump TABLE_INVALID_INDEX
2094097 - Macro rp read infotype in PNP incorrect for P0000 and P0001/Suppression of HRAC initialization in PNP/PNPCE/dump


Gaurav Sharma

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