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This blog pertains to troubleshooting errors in newer releases of SAP S4 HANA. During a migration project in a group of companies, I have encountered an error suggesting “No Commitment Ledger Found in System” (Message No. FINS_PRED089). This is migration from SAP S4 HANA 1809 to 2022 and the error triggers while we are generating commitments either through PR or PO taking Account Assignment Category K – Cost Center.

Looking at the error it seems that this might be due to the Budget commitment functionality triggered by the system as I had experience in implementing both Cost Center Budgeting and Funds Management in various clients. But I haven’t activated or planned to activate any such functionality yet in the system. Therefore, the above error seems not relevant to budgeting functionality in the first instance. Apparently, it also relates to standard commitment management functionality in the system which we do while maintaining controlling area. But that was also not issue because it was already activated in the system.

Since most of us are aware of Cost Center Budgeting functionality that has been introduced by SAP from S4 HANA 1909 onwards. But in our migration, we haven’t activated cost center budgeting functionality yet. Therefore, I have checked every ledger setting with major one being configured using transaction code FINSC_LEDGER. But could not find any resolution as everything seemed fine. We had configured two ledgers, one being Leading Ledger and the other being Extension Ledger and that also seemed fine.

Cause and Resolution:

At last, I have decided to check every setting of Cost Center Budgeting functionality even though there is no plan to activate this during migration. There I have found one configurable node which is relevant to commitment management.

Controlling > Cost Center Accounting > Budget Availability Control for Cost Centers > Check Prediction Ledger

Here I have check marked Relevant to Commitment Management against the available ledger for Prediction and Commitment Management.

After marking the above, I have again checked and created PR or PO with Account Assignment Category K and system allowed me to save the PR and PO without any error.

After analyzing above case, I have found that although there was a ledger available for recording Commitments, but consultant need to establish a connection between cost center budgeting settings and Commitment ledger to allow commitment management within system. However, it should also be noted that the above doesn’t trigger cost center budgeting availability control within the system. That needs to be activated separately based on the requirement from client.

I hope the above explanation will be helpful.

Arsalan Aslam
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