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Hi Colleagues,

Running NGLM tcode, is displayed many settings for GL to analyze, like screen shots below. You find detailed information on the organizational units ledger, company code, controlling area, and operating concern. Also, about the Document Splitting: In this area, you find options for the detailed analysis of the document splitting settings.

In the Data Analysis area, the monitor offers functions for the quantitative analysis of the transaction data updated in the line item tables, totals record tables, and document splitting tables of General Ledger Accounting. First start the Run Data Analysis function as a background job. The analysis data is stored automatically in a data file. You can then use various criteria to analyze.

This helps, e.g when you wants to check what characteristics of Document Splitting, what chart of accounts is assigned, fiscal variant, scenarios from Document Splitting, what total table is active per ledger, CO details and many other functions.

Follow, there're some steps:



The tcode allows to you run other transactions related, like Maintain Company Code (OBY6) and many other.

To view Document Splitting characteristics


And again you can run transactions to maintain Document Splitting

Also, is possible to check CO details


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