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This was an SAP user group webcast from last month

Source: SAP

The legal disclaimer applies

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Motivation - most projects lack executive commitment to change

What can S/4HANA do? What are the business benefits?

The BSR helps with business case

Source: SAP


Report helps why you should move to S/4HANA, benefits by line of business

Free of charge for those with a maintenance contract

Source: SAP

Want to convince the decision maker

2 value drivers for the head of manufacturing

Look in customer systems how good manufacturing times and costs; know the indicators

Look at usage in customer system, and show what other customers are doing

S/4HANA recommendations

Source: SAP

Overview of the BSR report

4 main areas - overview, executive summary, findings, next step

Lines of business that appear depend on use of the system

Source: SAP

Findings - example from sales

For each value driver, performance indicators on the right

Sales order creation - missing fields

Colors show process indicator, industry benchmarking (#2)

Potential to improve

Recommendations (#3)

"combine problem with S/4HANA innovation"

Usage icon (#4)

Sample Report

Source: SAP

Key trends in industry

Source: SAP

An introduction

Source: SAP

"Most important" item in report - the findings

Red color - from benchmarking, other customers have less due open items - not a rating, a benchmark

Source: SAP

Details of the open AR items, by company code, root causes, business impact

Source: SAP

Summary of findings, intensity (3 stars means high), industry popularity (how other customers use those capabilities)

Source: SAP

On the right side, what is new with S/4HANA Finance

How to request your own BSR

Source: SAP

Implement 2 notes

Initiate request, fill in form, extracted zip file, submit request

5-10 days, could take longer

Source: SAP

Key benefits of BSR




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