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ASUG has an upcoming webcast on the new site this week - called "Idea Place Product Session Migration and the New Customer Influence Continuous Influencing Process".  Register here.

I know I've been struggling with the new site, but after spending some time on it, it was worth it.

First, finding your way:


Go to https://www.sap.com/about/customer-involvement/input-beta-testing.influence-opportunities.html

Click on Customer Connection

For those interested in FI-CO, I highlight the items above.

Click on Delivered

This is a lot to take in, so I download to Excel:

Idea Title Status Reason
CO - Standard Search-help for cost centers to only show currently valid intervals See SAP note 2415022
FI - Zahlungsbedingungen deaktivieren / Deactivation of Payment Terms See SAP note 2448200
FI - Validation of possible Taxcodes per Account in SAP-Standard See SAP note 2445072
CO: WBS Element: Mass change of system status and user status See SAP note 2330142
CO: KOK2: Modification free mass change of user-defined fields
FI: Change in representation of the IBAN in the F4 Help See SAP note 2440855
Central maintenance of cost element descriptions in multiple languages This improvement is available with S/4HANA Finance.
Customizing Bank Accounts: Direct jump to another company See SAP note 2440619
Deactivate company code  See SAP note 2452379
CO - enable reporting on cost elements independent from CO object See SAP note 2414350
CO - Line item reporting for statistical key figures See SAP note 2414350
CO - generic search and reporting for CO-objects See SAP note 2329987
FI - Documented release of payment proposal in standard F110 See SAP note 2441770
FI: Display BIC-(SWIFT)-Code in bank account table in vendor master data (e.g. transaction XK03) See SAP note 2440856
FI - SAP reporting FI for GL-accounts/customers/vendors taking into account change documents See SAP note 2476728
FI: Add Customer/Vendor to FAGLL03 or Doc Splitting View to FBL5N/1N See SAP note 2344045
Userfields on Cost Center See SAP note 2420186
FI - Emails from Dispute Management should have a mail body This improvement works with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Edition and is planned for SAP S/4HANA On Premise.
CO - Commitments / Obligo Reporting for all accounting objects per profit-center See SAP note 2414350
CO - overall reporting on commitments (obligo) See SAP note 2414350
CO - Enable change documents for period lock OKP1 See SAP note 2383032
CO - Mass creation transaction for cost centers  See SAP note 2350462
FI - A provision to track parking date See SAP note 2440758
FI - FEB_BSPROC - edit account statements - missing function ?Find Amount? See SAP note 2383527
FI - Deactivation of master data records in order to limit the listed entries in the F4-help See SAP note 2476783
FI - Übersetzungsfunktion für Zahlungsbedingungen / Translation function for payment terms See SAP note 2448200
BUSAB in FBL1N und FBL5N See SAP note 2342960
FI: F110S_REVERSE: Reverse payment run even after payment mediums have been created See SAP note 2127698
Display of full user name in blocked" message" See SAP note 2440389
Indicator that attachments exist for a master recod See SAP note 1851646
Übersetzungsfunktion für Steuerkennzeichen / Translation function for tax code See SAP note 2443624
Central maintenance of cost centre descriptions in multiple languages See SAP note 2350462
CO - Mass change transaction for cycles for CO allocations (assessment & distribution etc.) See SAP note 2374063
FEB_BSPROC Link of attachments to the Accounting Document See SAP note 2383527
Enhance Selection Screen of FBL5N report See SAP note 2344133
FI - FBL1N FBL3N FBL5N - Ability to filter on sub-totals  See SAP note 1671486
FI - List of vendor/customer addresses (S_ALR_87012087/S_ALR_87012180) are currently incomplete See SAP note 2376700
Updating invoice-revenues with CO-objects in CO-PA This improvement is available with S/4HANA.
CO - enable overall on/off switch for period lock OKP1 See SAP note 2383913
FI - Priority control between several bank accounts in a house bank (F110) See SAP note 2452507
IM : Budget Carry Forward See SAP note 2420576
FI-Selection screen of Customer/Vendor changes report See SAP note 2440838
FI - Change Document Display on FI document should display TCODE and other technical data See SAP note 2440758
FI - FEB_BSPROC - edit bank statements - will not invoices from other company codes See SAP note 2383527
CO: ABRV: mass change of settlement rule See SAP note 2395520
CO - Einzelpostenberichte KOBx/KSBX Währungsumrechnung in Zielwährung See SAP note 2460805

Source: SAP

Yesterday I thought the links did not work, but some of them do.  So if the links above don't work, review the SAP Note on the right.

Here are some interesting ideas already delivered:

2383913 - Customer Connect CO: Enable overall on/off switch for OKP1 (Period Lock)

"This SAP Note delivers the solution for the Customer Connect request D11135, which enable over all on/off switch for transaction OKP1 (Period Lock)." Source: SAP

Old OKP1 before improvement:


Now the controller can block/unlock all.


PS: New transaction for mass status change 

"New transaction 'CNMASSSTATUS' for mass status change." Source; SAP

Sample screen:


Generic Search of Transactions, Documents


From the SAP Note:



KOBJ is used to search for any objects in any tables

KTABL is used to search for tables and table names

KTRAN is used to search for transactions

SE16T combines the functions of all three transactions and is intended primarily for the IT department." Source: SAP

These are really interesting.  I tried a few below:


KOBJ transaction:

So I searched for an element and then it comes back and says it is a WBS.

KTABL transaction

I searched for BKPF table and it returns tables with that name.

KTRAN transaction

Searching for CJ20N

SE16T transaction

I entered a document number and it found an accounting document

I entered another number and it found the number is a cost center


2350462 - Customer Connect CO: Transaction KS01N for mass creation of cost center master data (KS12N...

KS01N - mass cost center creation


Navigation to user details in case of message stating that object is locked




1851646 - New GOS icon

Indicator that attachments exist for a master record is shown below:


2440758 - Improvements for auditing FI documents (technical data in change documents, creator of par...

See example below (FB03, document header)


Reporting in AP/AR and G/L with time dependent master data

Look at all the new reports:

Source: SAP


Master Data on Key Date is new

So there is a lot more there than what I covered above.  I hope to see you on this week's webcast  "Idea Place Product Session Migration and the New Customer Influence Continuous Influencing Process".  Register here.
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