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Last month I wrote a quick one about the automatic toggle to display toy, New toy: Automatic toggle to display mode PA30, PA40, PA61, this month I am taking a closer look at a new functionality that aim to provide end user with easier access to wagetype documentation.

Yes, there is a new functionality that will let end-user access T512W wagetype documentation via a pushbutton under IT0008, IT0014, IT0015 (maybe it will be further extended to any infotype listing wage types: 0267, 2010, etc...); it has beed classified under "Idea D8794".

The information that will be displayed by the pushbutton is linked to the wagetype information recorded under T512W. Yes, yes, that pushbutton squeezed between wagetype and description under V_512W_D maintance screen that most of us never bothered to edit :wink:

Information found in note 2187412 says: "In the table of the wage types (table T512W), you can currently use the information pushbutton to define a description of the wage types and call it at a later time. The wage type description should be avialable for the user when maintaining the wage type in the infotypes Basic Pay (0008), Recurring Payments/Deductions (0014), and Additional Payments (0015) also to simplify the entry of the required wage type. Using an information pushbutton next to the relevant wage type field, the user could display the relevant document for the selected wage type."

Being honest, I think this is a great tool for big organization with many user and many new users where the consulting team has time enough to fill out documentation section under 512W_D, and I must say that I have not been the most careful with regards to filling this section each time I have created a wagetype .

So of course an absolute prerequisite here is to fully inform that "i" icon available under V_512W_D view in SM30.

SAP released this new functionality under note:  2179198 - Interface note: Infotypes 0008 / 0014 / 0015: Including information pushbutton for the wag... mid-Junel and it comes with SP 93 for EHP 4-7 and 21 for EHP 8.

Later corrections were released via the following notes:

2187412 - Infotypes 0008, 0014, or 0015: Including information pushbutton for the wage type document... (this one only consist of manual activities under V_T588M)

2214541 - Correction for interface note: Infotypes 0008, 0014, or 0015: Including information pushbu...

Summary of objects modified by note 2179198:

DYNPMPV00800 0300
DYNPMP000800 0300
DYNPMP001400 2000
DYNPMP001500 2000

According to above objects list, it seems this functionality does not reach yet HR-Renwal visualization. Anyway after SNOTEing everything, I had to manually change default setting in V_T588M for MP000800 screen 0300 from output only to optional because under standard setting output only the "information button would come out as inactive therefore not enabling access to the wagetyepe information.

I aslo had to repeat the same task for MP001400 and MP001500 respective screens changing standard behavior option to optional fill flag.

Under basic pay (0008) infotype, that wagetype table-control gets a new column with an "I"nformation icon enabling access to documentation.

Under recurring payment, the new icon display in the following way:

And aditional payment screen

Not really a tremendous new functionality nor will it ease in a staggering way our day to day but I think the whole point behind this is SAP is listening to customer ideas and actually put into motion few enhancement benefiting to the overall experience one SAP end-user has.

For instance, there is a work schedule finder; see  doug.brown's blog Work Schedule Finder - OSS Note 1795844 or a very well detailed suit of enhancement listed in imran.sap's blog SAP Improvement Finder & Customer Influence Programs or furhter SAP Payroll Reporting: Wage Type Reporter Enhancement.



Edit 30.10.2015:

I have written an OSS message because it seems T588M dynpro control for screen 0300 of basic pay infotype (0008) does not consider the subtype value and will further update this post according the how this issue will be resolver.

Edit 11.11.2015:

After some long talks with fellow OSS people note 2242106 - Infotype 0008: Information pushbutton for wage type documentation is not displayed (Feature P0008 contains SUBTY) to address this issue which caused not to be able to display the pushbutton according to subtype.

2242106 - Infotype 0008: Information pushbutton for wage type documentation is not displayed (Featur...