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Hi team:

First of all, let me wish you a brilliant 2017 to each of you, best projects and successes.

It's been a while since a last took the time to write a little about new interesting functionalities in the scope of HR so when I stumbled on note 2367064 in the OSS I immediately felt curious and connecting the dots though I could make a little post out it.

Back in November SAP released a new technical program to help accessing and I quote "required reports, tcodes, tables, badis, classes or webdynpro applications, that are usually checked to solve any issue on HR Renewal". It means easy access to all activities needed to test infotype either using the legacy framework or the decoupled one for both PA and PD functionalities.

Here is the link: 2367064 - New report RPPAO_LAUNCHER (tcode HRPAO_LAUNCHER)

Sounds good, but how does it feel in practice? So let's start transaction code HRPAO_LAUNCHER HRPAO "Launcher" and find out.

The landing screen let you specify an infotype, a language and an employee or an object so that the program can assert on enable direct access to the needed functionalities to perform any relevant checking.

The A block let's us the legacy or decoupled application, in short access to PA30 or PUIT_UI for PA infotype and the like for PD infotype.

The B block let 's us access BL and UI class in SE24 aswell as another bunch of tables (that I usually access via SPRO) , BADIs and customizing activities.

The C block is for administrative process and P&F testing

The D block is for dynamic rules in both legacy and decoupled framework.

And at last the E block is a potpourri of quick access to additional app.

So in short, it is nothing new in the game but rather a collection of quick access to frequently used functionalities themed around the legacy and decoupled framework for infotype processing.

SAP even published a quick video to demo this transaction.


Thank you SAP helping us 🙂

I think on a personal note I would add a direct access to application HRPAO_MASTERDATA within SAP GUI (or your custom version - or better with eligibility to a specific app of HRPAO_MASTERDATA) in block A. A little slow but still quick enough to check everything from SAP GUI and faster than going to my browser or NWBC.

Et voilá, direct access from within SAP GUI to HRPAO_MASTERDATA application.

I have a couple of program with quick access to relatively frequently used report to make my life a little easier... so my point of view is that this standard transaction is a good option for us.
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