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Hiring form is different form other forms which we normally design in forms and processes. Other forms like transfer form , termination form uses employee number as a start object whereas when we are hiring a employee, we don't have the employee number, assuming the scenario we have a number range in place for determing the next employee number

In such scenarios, we have to perform some basic settings so as for should start up directly without any start object.

1. Goto Transaction - HRASR_DT

2. Select Process - ZHIRE (Any name)

3. Double click on name of the process which is created.

4. Double click on the Validity dates as shown in the screen below , the one which is highlighted in Yellow

5. There is a option on the right hand side which is displaye din the image below, Process Type, it has following option

a - Enable mass start.

b - Process with start object.

c - Process without start object.

For Forms like Hiring - we can use option c , for forms like PD we can use option a and for rest other cases option b is used.

I hope this document clarifies Process type in details and will help designer to pick correct process type based on the form requirement.