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Highlighted the advantages the native integration of Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) in S/4HANA before it was actually embedded in 1610 release in one of my blogs as in link https://blogs.sap.com/2016/09/01/ewm-embedded-in-digital-core-of-s4-hana-in-1610-release-advantages-....  This blog highlights the new features of embedded EWM in 1809 release of S/4HANA and its simplifications.

  • Reuse of ERP Delivery number in EWM

Delivery from ERP or S/HANA creates another delivery in EWM. The number of this EWM Delivery is different from ERP delivery in Decentralized EWM and embedded EWM prior to 1809 release, as shown in below image. In my view, this is one of the best simplifications in embedded EWM (It was extremely difficult to explain the rational for two different delivery number in ERP and EWM to a business person going for a Greenfield implementation). Now from 1809 release , there can be one single number for delivery for S/4HANA and Embedded EWM (for both Inbound or Outbound) as in below image..

  • Synchronous stock posting with Inventory management

There can be different reasons like ‘ Plant data of Material XXXX is locked by user’, ‘Account XXXXXX requires an assignment to a CO object’ etc for stock not getting posted (or updated) in inventory management and queues used to get stuck due to these reasons though the relevant EWM transaction could be performed without any error. These errors is now displayed while performing EWM transaction as in below image thus avoiding Hanging queues etc and hence provides more transparency in stock postings.


  • Better visibility for ERP Storage location assignment

The length of the field for ‘Availability control’ has been increased to 10 and hence ‘1010 EAFS’ representing the ‘Plant  Storage Location’ can be inserted for Availability control.  Stock type has 1 to 1 mapping with Availability group and hence the description of Stock type can be displayed as in the image providing better visibility for ERP Plant and storage location.


  • New Monitor method for Change of ‘Stock type’

Change of ‘Stock type’ or Posting change is much easier with new method in Warehouse monitor as displayed in below image.


  • New Monitor method for ‘Confirmation of task with Exception’

Task confirmation with exception can now be done through Warehouse Monitor as in below image.


  • Change Log for Storage bins

Most of the customers were looking for this feature for Change Log of Storage bins as in below image facilitating transparency of changes.

  • New Fiori App – Pack Outbound deliveries

There are 2 modes of Packing – 'Basic' and 'Advanced' with this packing App. If the material has Batch or Serial number, then ‘Advanced ‘ Packing mode needs to be used. HU can be printed and its weight can be updated as in below image.

  • New Fiori App – Count Physical Inventory (Paper driven)

As it is Paper driven (i.e not through Radio frequency) , we need to print the PI document , count the stock and follow the usual process of posting differences in stock. The intuitive app also offers addition of a material if found in a bin as in below image.

  • Enhancements in Inbound and Outbound Delivery Apps

Fiori Apps for Creation of Inbound and Outbound deliveries were introduced prior to 1809 release. These Apps have now been enhanced for processing of Goods receipt and Goods Issue as in below images.


We expect to see more & faster adoption of embedded EWM with these ongoing simplifications and new / enhanced Fiori Apps for more warehouse operations.
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