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As part of a pre-requisite for Nakisa applications to work, you have to install the ABAP-AddOn and Transport Packs. 

It is an important practice that during the ABAP-AddOn / Transport you confirm that you have gone through the “Installation and Specifications Guide” of both ABAP-AddOn and Transport Package.  This document outlines all the Infotypes, Evaluation Path, ABAP code, SAP Configuration that are deployed by the packages.

You need to make sure that none of the following can be impacted in your SAP environments:

  1. Evaluation path
  2. All OADP related configurations settings namely
    • Organizational structure views
    • Object selection
    • Rules for Object Selection
    • Data views – specific to OMG before ecc6 ehp5
    • Group data views - specific to OMG before ecc6 ehp5
    • Column groups - specific to OMG before ecc6 ehp5
    • Coherence relationship - specific to OMG before ecc6 ehp5
    • Define custom column - specific to OMG before ecc6 ehp5
  3. Objects created to support error log into SAP system (T-code SLG0)
  4. Custom Object types created by Nakisa *
  5. Custom relationships created by Nakisa *
  6. Info Type configuration *

*These are the most likely that could be impacted.

Should you discover that your environment may be impacted, please create an OSS Message for Nakisa because a specific Transport Pack will have to be created. Also depending on the module deployed additional configuration/customization maybe required.


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