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This blogs relates directly to the challenge in 319481ee5c07417784f1f1ae49b6371f wishes blog.

Of course the same disclaimer goes for me.   Direct quote from his blog - I added SAP Community.

"This blog post is just a bunch of things I would like to see SAP doing in 2018, and the SAP Community  I invite you to do the same in your expertise area."

The next thing I must say is he covered a lot.   He also has a lot of my wishes in his blog.   Also if anything I wish for is available, please let me know.


  1. More courses in open SAP courses .

  2. The ability to run those courses at my own timeline.   Yes, we do have it but without interaction with others and/or the instructors.   There could be an area like coffee corner that could be refreshed every couple of months.

  3. More remote training available.   I love the format of the Open SAP Courses.   So when I take an SAP course and pay money for it, it would be excellent if it could be in the same format.

SAP Community:

  1. More blogs from the customers.   I weed through a lot of marketing blogs.   I can't ask for moderator help, because they are marketing an SAP product.   I may make the mistake of looking at all blogs.

  2. Blogs that are tagged correctly.  (Even mine)

  3. More people here!

  4. Great conversation on the blogs.  It's OK to disagree with the blog if you are being constructive.   I rarely see anyone disagree.   I rarely even see nice blog.   More interaction!

  5. It would be great if some of the mentors would schedule a meeting on their area of expertise.  We get that at SAP in the Expert Sessions.   Why not some Expert Sessions via meeting?   RSVP in advance so the mentor knows if anyone is going to show.  Keeping in mind that about half the people will have something work related come up.

  6. Expand the idea above.   Anyone in the community could set up a meeting.   The problem with anyone is that we would need a free way to run our session.


Yes there are some of us still working on ABAP while learning other technology.

  1. More blogs on this.    Yes a lot of it has already been done.   But what about those projects you are really proud of?   What pieces of code can you share?  Even if you can't share anything just the overall project would be fun to read.

  2. More information on  ABAP that can be used with HANA and what can't.  If we stay on the SAP GUI can all the "old" ABAP still be used?   What I've read yes.

HANA On-Premise

  1. Have more tools can be used with R/4 on-premise.   Better, easier to use with it.

  2. More information on what is available to use.  Reading different information from all over, I see all the cool things with HANA on the cloud.   On-premise seems to be limited.

  3. See a 5 year plan on for on-premise.

SAP Teched

Note - I still love to go.   It is still worth it.

  1. Just one.  Make it more technical again.  When I have time I'll give you my uneducated ratio of technical vs. non-technical sessions.

And that is my short list.   Read 319481ee5c07417784f1f1ae49b6371f wishes blog. for more of my wishes.   I just agree with him.   And as he does - I challenge you to write a wish list blog.

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