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Good evening everyone

This is something i learned while randomly going through SAP B1 .

This will let us join any two tables of sap b1, for ex if we want to join a particular document  ( document number "32 " of one type )  with only one document of other type , with few documents of other type or with all document of other type. We can join tables like OWOR ( production order )  with OWTR ( inventory transfer ) directly or like owtr with oinv. i don't have any specific reason to join such tables but it can be joined.

In example we will join sales order ( document number "55" ) with only 10 document of purchase order ( from document no 44 to 55 ) and not all purchase order. 

we can also join sales order document no 55 with only one purchase order ,   or sales order docnum 55 with every purchase order .  in similar way we can also join any two tables.

first we will create header level udf ( named as "TRY " in marketing document ) , and then update the value of docnum 55 of sales order with any value ( for example ABC ) . now in the whole sales order document , only document number 55 is having a value of ABC in udf .  Now in Purchase order document number 44  if we update the value of udf TRY as ABC. and write sql quey  as

select t1.docnum fron opor t1 inner join ordr t2 on t1.u_try = t2.u_try  ..  the result will only be document number 44 or purchase order ..

suppose we updated the udf field TRY with value ABC from document number 44 to 55 of purchase order , the above query will show result as from document number 44 to document number 55.  and if every document of purchase order is updated with ABC value in TRY udf , then my only one sale order (docnum  55)

is linked with every purchase order . we can update all documents of sales order with udf value ABC , then every sales order will be linked to every purchase order .

Like this we can join any two table.

Any suggestions, feedback from seniors will be valued and highly appreciated.