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Hi All SAP Consultants.

Welcome to the detailed blog to configure the My Inbox application in the Fiori Launchpad for SAP Plant Maintenance notification.

*** This blog post was was originally posted on eursap.com ***

SAP Tips: Processing Maintenance notifications through My Inbox Fiori App

Link - https://eursap.eu/2021/08/05/eursaps-tip-of-the-week-processing-maintenance-notifications-through-my...

Application- Standard workflow can be configured to assign the task to the person responsible. The maintenance supervisor can assign task to the maintenance technician. The user responsible will be notified for the assigned task by getting the work item in the My Inbox application. So that the respective maintenance technician can act accordingly as per the task assigned by the supervisor. Also the maintenance supervisor will get the notification that the assigned task is completed in the same My Inbox Application.

Lets begin!!!!

Step 1 - Workflow Activation

T-code: SPRO

Select Set Workflow for Maintenance Notifications activate the workflow                                .

SPRO-> Plant Maintenance and Customer Service -> Maintenance and Service Processing -> Maintenance and Service Notifications -> Notification Processing -> Set Workflow for Maintenance Notifications.

Select Assign Agents

Select the task and click on Attributes to set the task as a general task which can be processed by any user.

Select the General task

Click on transfer to set the general task.

Repeat till all the tasks are general tasks.

Click on Activate Event Linking to activate the event of workflow. This will trigger the email after creation of maintenance notification

Click on ‘WS 20000317’ workflow and click on symbol to activate the event linking of the business object.

Select Event Linkage activated and click on save to activate the workflow and save the changes in the transport request.

Similarly, activate the event linking of INPROCESSAGAIN.

So, the notification will appear in the My Inbox app of the user responsible mentioned in the maintenance notification.

Step 2- Activating My Inbox App in Fiori Launchpad

Refer above details of My Inbox app in Fiori app Library


Activate above services in T-code ‘/O/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE’

Assign the role ‘SAP_BR_MAINTENANCE_PLANNER’ to your SAP user ID.

Once above configurations are done, ‘My Inbox’ tile will appear in the Fiori launchpad of the planner.

Step 3 - Maintenance Notification configuration with partner determination

Click on ‘Define Partner Determination Procedure and Partner Function’ to make the partner field mandatory in the notification.

Select Plant maintenance and click on change Partner

Select the Partner function and click on functions in determination.

Select the user responsible partner mandatory. So that the user responsible will always be mentioned while creating the notification. Or the customized partner determination procedure can be adopted.

Step 4 - Follow-up action of the task catalog

Navigate to ‘Maintain Catalog’

Select ‘Define Catalog’.

Double click on ‘Tasks’ catalog.

Activate the ‘Follow-Up Action’.

Now, select ‘Edit Catalog’.

Enter Catalog’2’ to mention the catalog codes of maintenance tasks and press enter.

Select the Code Group and click on Codes.

Mention the follow up Action as ‘CLMMAIL’ so that the notification can be triggered to the user responsible of the task.

Navigate to ‘Overview of Notification Type’ so that the user responsible can be mentioned in the tasks of the notification.

Select the notification type and click in ‘Partner functions, Approval’.

Mention the ‘VU User Responsible’ as person responsible and Task Processor of the notification.

That's it!!! lets create a Notification now


Create maintenance notification in T-code IW21

Click on Partner icon to maintain the mandatory partners (Planners) in the notification.

Enter the SAP ID of the planner to whom the notification will be displayed in My Inbox and save the notification.

The notification will be displayed in the My Inbox tile of the planner which can be accessed from any device such as desktop, mobile, etc.

The created notification can be accessed from the list and can also be displayed from the same screen,

click on attachment to access the notification from the same screen

Click on the link to display the notification.

The notification GUI screen will be displayed.

So, now the planner can edit the notification and assign the tasks to the technicians by creating the tasks for the objects in the Item of the notification.

Mention the code group for which the follow-up action is defined and mention the person responsible for the task as the SAP ID and release the task then save the notification.

Note- the same SAP GUI screen can also be accessed through the SAP Fiori Launchpad with activation of Fiori tiles of Transaction code link.

Similarly, the technician will get the notification of the task assigned to him in the My Inbox. Also, the technician can view the task and complete it. Simultaneously the same information will be informed to the planner in his My Inbox about the Tasks.

click on the above shown symbol to see the executed workflow

Click on workflow overview to display the executed workflow details.

Click on overview to display the workflow log to understand the steps executed by workflow.

Workflow ID  -  WS20000317

Business Object- BUS2038


I hope it will be helpful 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Swapnil Sonawane

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