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Active Contributor
Inspired by today’s 2017 SAPPHIRE NOW Session EA8948: Discover the SAP Transformation Navigator, I want to see this in real live action on my system landscape.

Therefore, I log into SAP Transformation Navigator:

And Create a Product Map:

From my customer profile:

From my systems, I chose my ERP, S/4HANA Finance and S/4HANA systems:

Which results in Open Decisions regarding my ERP and S/4HANA Finance systems, since my S/4HANA system seems to be fine:

First I chose my S/4HANA Finance system and am being asked for my preference:

I choose Public Cloud:

Which seems to settle this Open Decision:

For my ERP system, I chose On Premise which results in the question about which capabilities I am using. Since this is a test, I choose Accounting (ERP) and Closing Operations (ERP) only which results in the question, whether I would want to use the Closing Operations under The Compatibility License, which I do:

As a result, that Decision Point is answered:

And I am presented with my Recommended Products:

Next I define my Top Value Drivers, as an example to Reduce finance cost only:

To get the sequence recommendation of My Transformation Journey, I chose to Sort by: Number of Enabled Capabilities:

Subsequently, I Generate my result Document(s):

And download them respectively:

As a result, I got my

  • Transformation Navigator Overview

  • Business Guide

  • Technical Guide

  • Transformation Guide

  • Transformation Navigator Appendix

Of course, I am only scratching the surface here, but this tool looks promising to me!