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We can give multiple free of charge item's (Free Goods) for one main item.

Using Cross Selling function we can do this process.

Points to be considered why suggesting this process:

1. We can give validity periods for the condition records.

2. Simple master data maintenance.

3. Material moment processes working normally.

4. FI postings are happening properly

First do the Cross selling Configuration process.

Menu path - In the IMG screen - Sales & distribution - Basic functions - Cross selling

1. Define the determination procedure for cross selling

Create condition tables:- e.g - 501 - Material

Maintain access sequence and assign the condition table to it.

Define condition types:- e.g - C001 and assign Access sequence to it.

Maintain procedure:- e.g - C00001 - Cross selling and assign condition type C001.

2.Maintain customer/document procedure for cross selling:-

Assign this customer procedure "B - Cross selling" - Customer master(XD02/VD02) - sales area data section - sales tab - PP cust. proc. as 'B' - cross selling.

Define Document procedure for cross selling:- 'B' - Cross selling.

Assign document procedure for cross selling to Sales document type:- Choose the sales doc type, e.g - OR and assign doc. proc. as 'B' - Cross selling.

3.Define and assign cross selling profile:-

New entries we have to define the Key for cross selling profile, e.g - CS001 - Cross selling profile.

And in the General Controls we have to specify the product proposal procedure:- e.g - A00002, Cross selling procedure - C0001, Pricing procedure:- which pricing procedure you want to use multiple free goods (For example standard RVAA01 or your company pricing procedure starts with "Z'.

Dialogues for cross selling indicator:-  Select # 2 - 'Blank' - dialogue box appears only on request and after data is released.


We have to check the Cross selling ATP indicator to carry out ATP check on cross selling items. Then we will Save it & go back.

4. Assign cross selling Profile

New entries - Sales area  + Cross selling Customer procedure + Cross selling Document procedure + Cross selling profile.

Item Category Determination:

The item category determination (VOV4) should be made as:-



Create Condition records:

Goto VB41:- Specify material determination type, e.g - C001 and select key combination as per your requirements.

1. First material column enter Main material item

2. Second material column enter Free material item

3. Select 'A' in cross-selling delivery control for "Out. delivery only if main item has been partially delivered"

After entering second material column click Alternative Materials Icon (F2).

1. Enter validity period for the multiple free goods condition

2. Enter list of materials which we want to give as a free goods.

3. Select 'A' in cross-selling delivery control for "Out. delivery only if main item has been partially delivered"

Save the condition record.

Goto VA01 enter main material and quantity which we maintained in 'VB41'.

1. POP UP appears with sub items. (Standard cross selling process we need to enter sub item quantity manually)

Ask your abaper to do enhancement spot for the particular process to copy main item quantity to sub-item's quantity and make it grey.

so that end user cant able to change the sub-item's quantity.

2. Select copy icon (F8) - The items which are in the popup screen copied to the sales order.

Check all the line item's, Item category in Item overview tab. Main Item - TAN, Sub-Item's (FOC Item's) - TANN

Do the rest of the sales cycle process.

Invoice screen

Invoice output layout:

Do test with sales returns cycle, cash sales cycle also.

I've tested and It's works fine.

Thanks & Regards,

Dinesh. A