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SAP provides Direct integration between Transportation management ( TM ) and Extended warehouse management (EWM) to facilitate the co-ordination and system support for the planning done by the Transportation Planner and execution in the warehouse by the Warehouse manager. My blog in URL https://blogs.sap.com/2018/03/14/direct-integration-between-embedded-ewm-tm-in-s4hana-improving-over... describes the direct TM-EWM integration functionality with Transportation unit (TU) of EWM. TM – EWM integration helps to improve the overall efficiency and speed of supply chain. This TM- EWM integration with EWM TU also supports Multi drop functionality as explained in my blog with URL https://blogs.sap.com/2021/07/31/multi-drop-to-customers-with-tm-and-ewm-integration-with-transporta... . However, this TM-EWM integration with EWM TU does not support multi pick and multi drop functionality with same freight order in S/4HANA.

SAP released new Advanced shipping & receiving (ASR) functionality in Feb’2021 with FPS1 release of S/4HANA 2020. With this ASR solution,

  • warehouse execution activities can be carried out directly on freight order with new Fiori App ‘Load or unload freight order’

  • there is no requirement to work with EWM Transportation unit (TU) or LDAP notifications

This ASR solution also supports multi pick and multi drop functionality with same freight order and my present blog explains the same.

Freight order of TM is correlated with a truck in road transport scenario and the freight order (6100002576) has two deliveries (80002521 and 80002522) or freight units ( 4100004873 and 4100004874) as shown in below image.

The origins and destinations of these freight units are stated below and shown in the below images .

Freight unit 4100004873 – Origin (Shipping point ASR1 , warehouse  9AFS), Destination (customer 0010100001)

Freight unit 4100004874 – Origin (Shipping point 1011 , warehouse  HV01), Destination (customer 0010100003).

Below image shows that the truck starts from a warehouse 9AFS (with shipping point SP_ASR1) as first picking location , then goes to another warehouse HV01 (with shipping point SP_1011) for second picking location and then drops the goods to customer A (0010100003) and Customer B (0010100001). Stage details of the freight order 6100002576 also depict the same.

Map of the freight order also shows that the truck picks from 2 locations (i.e multi pick) and drops to 2 customers (multi drop) as in below image.

Warehouse execution activities for the corresponding deliveries can be carried out with Fiori app ‘Load or unload freight order’ as in below image.

This multi pick and multi drop functionality with same freight order eliminates one of the major limitations of TM - EWM integration and meets one of the most demanding requirements for many of the customers.

This blog is based on my tests , observations and personal insights. Will appreciate yourt feedback , comments.

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