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Efficient Picking with scan4cloud


Especially in companies with a high delivery rate, the rolling- or bulk order picking plays an important role. The standard paper-based process with SAP Business ByDesign makes such error-prone picking procedures difficult to manage.

This results in time-consuming error corrections or, in the worst case, an unhappy endcustomer because the wrong or too few products were delivered.

Find out how "Multi-Order picking" with scan4cloud solve this problem:


In contrast to single order picking, where each order is processed individually, in the rolling- or bulk order picking several orders are picked simultaneously and then temporarily stored at a defined location or directly packed. In order to be able to transport all products easy and safely between the shelves, a picking trolley is usually helpful on which the products are either stowed in different boxes (rolling picking) or all collected in a single pile (bulk order picking).

In the SAP Business ByDesign standard, this means in practice that the employee walks through the warehouse with his stack of printed picking orders, loads the corresponding products onto the cart and takes them to a designated location. There, these orders are then checked again - usually by another employee - packed and loaded. With a large number of diffferent orders and products per order, it is very easy to lose track of which product belongs to which order, and avoidable errors quickly occur as a result.

Our mobile WMS scan4cloud serves as an extension of the cloud ERP SAP Business ByDesign and offers a variety of functions that are seamlessly integrated into the existing system. Instead of picking each order individually, the new multi-order picking feature allows multiple orders to be picked in a single operation. This streamlines the process by allowing employees to work through tasks without having to switch between individual tasks.

The picked goods can then be loaded directly or - if goods issue is configured as two-step in SAP Business ByDesign - placed in a designated storage location for further processing. Another employee checks the products, packs them and transmits the information directly to SAP Business ByDesign via the scan4cloud app.

The scan4cloud app shows which products belong to which order. The application of the 4-eyes principle (in a two-step goods issue) in combination with the confirmation of all entries via scan leads to a significant reduction in the error rate. At the same time, scan4cloud enables digital, paperless data capturing throughout your intralogistics.

As a result and beside all other benefits of digital data capturing, multi-order picking helps to increase the efficiency and accuracy of your picking process and reduce the amount of work involved.

I am curious what you think about it! Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me directly.


Dennis from the Solutions Sales Team at all4cloud
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