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MTTR / MTBR / Breakdown Analysis Information System

Business do regular transactions on SAP regarding Plant Maintenance & they want to have different kinds of analysis on what they did in the past for their equipments / functional locations in terms of Cost, Breakdown, MTTR, MTBR with reference to single equipment / single functional location / location of technical objects / plant etc.,

Here, MTTR / MTBR / Breakdown Analysis Parts have been discussed.

In SAP, there are different Analysis Reports related to Plant Maintenance.

  1. Object Class Analysis
  2. Manufacturer Analysis
  3. Location wise Analysis
  4. Planner group wise Analysis
  5. Damage Analysis
  6. Breakdown Analysis
  7. Cost Analysis
  8. Vehicle Consumption Analysis

It is possible to group these analysis reports in to 3 parts.

  1. 1st Part – From Object Class Analysis till Breakdown Analysis
  2. 2nd Part – Cost Analysis
  3. 3rd Part – Vehicle Consumption Analysis

1st Part – Object Class Analysis till Breakdown Analysis

These Analysis reports will talk about list of notifications created, list of breakdowns reported, list of orders created during specific period of time with reference to Plant, Location, Planner group, Functional Location Equipment, etc.,

There are some settings (Configuration as well as Transaction level) required to get these details in PMIS Reports.

Configuration Settings:

  1. Update Group in Notification Category Configuration

Manu Path - IMG - Plant Maintenance & Customer Service - Maintenance & Service Processing - Maintenance & Service Notifications - Notification types - Define Notification types

Transaction Inputs:

Technical Objects Master Data

  1. Maintain Start date in Equipment / Functional location master


  1. Maintain the Malfunction Start date & time, Malfunction End Date & time in Notification
  2. Maintain the Breakdown tick mark in notification

By having above settings in place, you can get the MTTR / MTBR reports appropriately.

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