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Document explains how to connect SD-MM-FI lines during freight cost Settlement via MRRL for collective shipments scenario.

Business Case:
Organizations could have freight agreement with haulier to pay lumpsum amount based on many factors but business might need to do cost allocation back individual job haulier has done. Such cases, one solution could be collective shipment and shipment and distribute the cost as per business rule (standard SAP does it by gross weight).

This means in such cases, from Transaction Details perspective , we will have below Transactions:
- VL01N - Delivery (Multiple)
- VT01n - Shipment (Single)
- VI01 - Shipment Cost(Single)
- Cost lines in shipment cost (multiple) during VI01
- VI01/VI02 - Release to Accounting creates PO (Single)
- VI01/VI02 - When relesed to Accounting, Service Entry sheet (Multiple) is generated
- MRRL - Incoming invoice (Single)
- MRRL- FI document also generated during MRRL (single with multiple lines)

Why to connect?
Business might like to understand freight cost incurred per individual delivery.

How it benifits to Business?
When Business can track/analyze freight cost incurred per individual delivery, this can help Business to analyze existing contract with haulier for cost benifit Analysis.

How to connect?
Below solution proposal based on BSEG-XREF3 field. Assumption is this field carries Service Entry Sheet number. This is safe to assume as well, since standard SAP populated XREF3 with SES number. Logic is implemented in FM MRM_INVOICE_POST to populate XREf3 with SES number and paas it to FI document.

- Now look for related shipment (EKBE-XBLNR) and Account Assignment Sequence (EKBE-ZEKKN) from EKBE.
- Search EKBE with reference to PO Number(EBELN)/ PO Item (EBELP) / Ref. DOC(LFBNR) with Transaction Type VGABE = 1. Here EKBE-LFBNR = BSEG-XREF3+4(10). This is SES number
- For every shipment document above, find out shipment cost document from table VFKP. Search with reference to shipment number (REBEL)
- For every shipment cost identify related FI account assignment ref number (LFNKN) from table VFKN where FKNUM = VFKP-FKNUM from above step. Also get reference delivery numbers from field REBEL
- Identify related line item of BSEG by linking ZEKKN of BSEG as VFKN-LFNKN with reference to PO number and Line item number