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This final section of the planning run parameters requires the use of a standard SAP user exit keys and parameters.  The user exit keys are basically the company specific field used for grouping or planning similar materials for the planning run.  User exit parameters are the actual values found in the field for the given materials.

To begin using the user exit key functionality, you must activate user exit M61X0001 with a programming key typically performed by one of your ABAP programmers.  Once activated, you define the key(s) to be used for company specific MRP planning runs.  It affords control of the materials selected for the planning run using your own predefined key and the associated values for the key.  With this user exit, the total planning run of MRP, master production scheduling (MPS), or long-term planning (LTP) can be limited to materials that meet the predefined company specific criteria.

Typical examples found using the user exit key and parameters to plan like materials are:

  • MRP Groups,
  • MRP Controllers,
  • MRP Types,
  • Material Types,
  • Procurement Types

Once the user exit key is activated, you are then able to select the given keys from the planning run transaction of MDBT as an example.  Then you identify the user exit parameters for the planning run.  These parameters should be values from the fields contained within the material master.  This affords materials to be planned together based upon the material master field defined.

For example, when setting up plant 0001 for the planning run, we may want all raw materials to be planned separately from all other material types in use.  Assuming all raw materials (ROH) are externally procured, we can set procurement settings specific to these material types.

For other material types for in house production, we would set a different planning run variant specific to semi-finished (HALB) and finished goods (FERT) materials.

This is a nice enhancement to use for your planning run to allow you plan materials within certain groups under a plant or even using the scope of planning.  This way you can have different settings for each group based upon the particular needs of your organization.  You get additional control you’re your planning run without much additional cost from both programming and configuration.

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