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Dear Colleagues,

SAP has published a report called PP_MRP_SUPPORT (Note 3199068), which can assist in analyzing issues that may arise in the MRP environment.

The report provides access to:

  • MRP-relevant material master data,

  • Sourcing Master data for in-house and external replenishment

  • Implemented User Exits and BAdI's(w/o AMDP BAdI's)

  • The ability to navigate to customizing settings

  • MRP Background Jobs

  • MRP Consistency check

  • Navigation portal to helpful transactions

The report is quite user-friendly and self-explanatory:

Selection Screen


MRP Master Data in the Plant / MRP Area

Display of Production Version, BOM Headers and Routings


Sourcing Data like PIR, Quota Arrangements and Source-Lists

Implemented User-Exits and BAdIs

Scheduled Background Jobs (MRP Live vs. Classical MRP)

In addition to its other capabilities, the PP_MRP_SUPPORT report also has the ability to perform a detailed consistency check on customizing settings, number ranges, and master data.

Consistency Check results

Additionally, the report also includes links to the following transactions:

  • DBA Cockpit (DBACOCKPIT)

  • MRP Customizing (OPP1)

  • Custom Code Analysis (/SDF/CD_CCA)

  • MRP Live Settings (PPHMRPSET)

  • Details for Materials in MRP on HANA (MD_MRP_FORCE_CLASSIC)


In my opinion, the PP_MRP_SUPPORT report can be a useful tool for monitoring the health of the MRP and for understanding MRP results based on the master data.


Link to the applicable SAP-Note:



Other userful MRP tips&tricks can be found here:



Give it a try and let me know your opinion in the comments.


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