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Hi All,

     This is just an attempt to share the concept of MRP run for select-able materials which should undergo planning as per consumption and the reorder point mentioned in the material master. Take the help of ABAPer for performing the following steps.

1. Activate the following exits



2. Check in MD01 screen, new fields called user exit key and user exit parameter will be displayed

3. Go to SE37 enter the user exit numbers there

4. Click change and go into the function module and the in the last the following include function will be there

5. Double click on ZXM61U01, write the logic as follows

6. The user exit key is ZVB, user exit parameter is VB and DISMM is MRP type field of material master.

     Create the user exit key in OMIX as shown below

7. If you give this user exit in MD01 screen, the system will check the MRP type field of all the materials and plan only the materials which are having VB.

8. Do the same process for the second function module also.

9. The same procedure can be used to run the MRP for MRP controller wise also.


Krishna Chandra

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