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Dear All,

Here I had explained the MRP - Material Requirement Planning - process flow -Diagram.

Basically the MRP process can be run in two ways either through 1. External procurement and 2. In House Production

1. External Procurement:

a. Schedule Lines/ Purchase Requistions

b. Release Schedule Lines

c. Material Receipt against schedule lines

d. GRN preparation and Stock

2. In House Production:

a. Planned order

b. Convert planned order to process/ prod order

c. Production confirmation & Backflush

Master Data for External Procurement:

1. Material Master

2. Vendor Master

3. Info Record

4. Source List

5. Quota Master

6. Scheduling Agreement

7. Sub Contract BOM

Master Data for In House Production:

1. Material Master

2. BOM

3. Resources/ Work Center

4. Master Recipe/ Routing

5. Production Version

6. Standard Cost Estimate



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