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Dear SAP Friends,

In this blog will see some of the important things we need to see when we are suggesting MRP Live to your Clients.

There is Myth / negative opinions, as well as many of us, are not suggesting MRP Live to Clients because of earlier in 1511 versions there are some bugs and limitations but MRP Live has evolved year by year and now with 1809 onwards MRP Live is Stable and Runs without any issues.

So we can go with MRP Live for smooth Logistics & Supply Chain process.

What is MRP Live?:

Using MRP Live, we can benefit from improved performance and execute the planning run in much frequency cycles. This means that we can execute daily providing the MRP controller with the following benefits, for example:

  • More Accurate supply and demand information on which we can take decisions.

  • Faster reaction to demand changes reduces the risk of stock-outs, means that we can reduce safety stocks or Buffer Stocks

  • Match demand and supply more efficiently than Classic MRP.

  • Identify and react to issues faster than Classic MRP


That’s the High-level overview of MRP Live.


Now Let’s See how to check which materials can be planned on MRP Live and Classic MRP.


Not all Materials and MRP Types can be executed in MRP Live.

Materials which have MRP Type VB - reorder point planning can’t be planned in MRP Live. And to identify the list of materials which can be planned in MRP Live and Classic MRP follow below Steps


  1. Go to SE38 Transaction

  2. Give program PPH_CHECK_MRP_ON_HANA

  1. Give the Plant/material based on the requirement

  1. Select Detailed Display Radio button to get all materials with detail

  2. We can see PLAN_IN_HANA and PLAN_IN_ABAP Flag against Materials

  • PLAN_IN_HANA Means can be executed in MRP Live or Classic MRP based on Business Requirement

  • PLAN_IN_ABAP Means should be executed only in Classic MRP 

Material TG12 is having MRP Type VB Reorder point Planning

In the list, we can see TG12 showing Flag in PLAN_IN_ABAP

In this list, we can see a list of materials which Compatible for MRP Live and which are not, So accordingly we can schedule / Run MRP based on this Detailed List.


Please share, Like and Comment anything else you want to share or add points.

Thanks & Regards

Ruthvik Chowdary

SME – S/4 HANA Manufacturing & Procurement

SAP Ariba P2P

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