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This document gives some basic FAQ's on MRP and Availability Check.

Does ATP (OPJJ) settings have any impact on MRP ?

The settings in the scope of check apply only to the ATP check and have no effect on MD04 and planning. They have an effect only on the calculation of the ATP quantity during the availability check, and they have nothing to do with the calculation of the available quantity in MD04 and planning.

Refer Note 549752 - FAQ: MRP elements in transaction MD04/MD05 for more details.

Which stock system considers during MRP?

This is based on OPPQ Config under Available Stocks. MRP considers Stock in transfer, Blocked stock and Restricted use Stock.

MRP performance problems?

Refer Note 204517 - MRP: Typical causes of performance problems

Does MRP consider customer consignment stock into account?

It's not possible in Stanard SAP as it is assumed that these quantities are at the customer and that they are no longer needed for a requirement in the plant of the distributor. Refer Note 301681 - Doc: MRP takes no customer consignment stock into account

Is it possible to deactivate the planning with MRP areas?

No, MRP with MRP areas cannot be undone. Refer SAP note 550844 - FAQ: MRP areas

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