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In my recent postings, I have tried to summarize the factors for a successful SAP project implementation. ASAP methodology is being used as a guide to ensure that these three groups of facts are aligned well: SAP System, Data and People.

Preparing SAP system is the easiest one among three. All the required roadmaps and documentations for preparing and installing required SAP components are released by SAP which can be found in internet easily. As well as customizing activities and enhancements, scn is the best library for these.

Collecting and refining required data is the second important and relatively complex part of the implementation. However, this can be managed by using tools and some special solutions as well. Important part of the whole job is collecting the accurate data. This part is also very much related with project people.

Assume that SAP system is ready, somehow required data is ready. System running perfectly in every aspect; however success is hidden in the heart of the people. People of SAP should be ready and should strongly believe the new life after SAP, this is called change management. Each and every SAP project, change management is emphasized very well at the beginning. However, all the change management activities are involved to prepare the potential end users and top and mid-level management. Mostly project people are missed or forgotten. If we dig the main fact of the failed SAP projects, most probably unmotivated project team members will be found.

If any of the project team members who are not really believe the project, an invisible poison will spread all through the project and slowly kill the whole body.

Finally change management should never exclude SAP project team members, because also they need to believe the change.


Sarhan, @sarhanpolatates

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