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Note to SAP Community members: SAP recognizes the importance of the integrity of the SAP Community. In an effort to continue to support the community and at the same time adapt to this time of uncertainty, we are creating a temporary space for partners who have free solutions that can help you continue to move forward. Our intention is to give you direct access to their solutions as they may provide you with practical help to tackle COVID-19 disruptions.

The COVID 19 pandemic is an enormous challenge for companies around the world. But for each company, the challenge looks different. Having transparency is the key to act appropriately in those days.

In our effort to avoid stagnation and keep you up and running even in times of Corona, objective partner and West Trax have created a free offer to provide transparency, problem-solving and innovation to any of your SAP systems.

What does the offer include?

Our free offer starts with an automated maturity analysis using the West Trax KPI Analyzer App based on SAP Cloud Platform.  Within one day we perform an automated analysis of the usage of your SAP ERP system. We then present the results in an online workshop and identify your individual opportunities. This creates transparency and reliable facts in the shortest possible time and provides solutions to your challenges.

What insights does the KPI Analyzer provide?

The KPI Analyzer examines all key factors of an SAP system, such as maturity, productivity, costs, performance and quality. In this way, it provides a comprehensive insight into the usage of this SAP-System.


  • Maturity KPI

  • Future Readiness KPIs


  • Degree of Standardization KPI plus Benchmark

  • Unused Standard Potential KPI plus Benchmark

  • Unused Standard Functionality KPI per relevant enterprise area

  • SAP S/4HANA Fit-Gap Analysis KPI

  • Business Process Analysis showing most supported enterprise areas with drill-down into core business processes

  • Documents Types KPI


  • Custom Developed Code KPI plus Benchmark

  • Unlogged Custom Code KPI plus Benchmark

  • Custom Code Usage Frequency KPI plus Benchmark

  • Cost Savings Calculator


  • Performance of Custom Developed Code

  • KPI plus Benchmark Performance of Standard Transactions

  • KPI plus Benchmark Trigger and Background Jobs

  • KPI plus Benchmark


  • Usage of New vs. Old Transactions KPI

  • Missing Documentation for Custom Code KPI

What answers does the online results workshop provide?

The online results workshop provides an interpretation of the findings of the KPI Analyzer and puts them into your specific context. It also delivers starting points for an effective continuation of your SAP projects.

Based on these facts, our team will be able to identify your personal opportunities, discover important next steps and provide quick and easy guidelines to the following topics:

  1. Pros and Cons regarding Code Cleansing, Side By Side or SAP Ui5 etc.

  2. Innovation opportunities for your business processes

  3. Improve your customer experience

  4. Possibilities to secure your investment in SAP S/4 HANA transformations

  5. Future Standards

  6. How to be best prepared for the future

What are your benefits?

We enable your company to identify opportunities and options to keep your SAP projects going and to avoid slowing down your business – immediately, even in times of corona!

  • 99% time saving

  • Accelerates decision making, new ideas, cost reduction, re-standardization, consolidation, carve out, modernization, outsourcing, M&A and monitoring

  • Improves Costumer Experience

  • Innovates Business Processes

  • Prepares for a digital future

Our offer

If you would like to take advantage of the free offer from objective partner and West Trax, please send us an e-mail to contact@objective-partner.com.
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