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This blog is aimed to let you know how to solve the DMC error of “Not ready for processing” in the version SAP S/4HANA 2022 FPS0 and data migration approach of staging table. Hope it will be helpful for you.


Since we know that the transport concept of migration cockpit in S/4 project is available now, we can create multiple migration cockpit projects and assign the selected standard objects in it, then via LTMOM to generate TR for the transport. So we call those migration cockpit projects as “transported project” in QAS or PRD.

Client modifiable only in Development system:


we supposed all the transported project via TR into QAS/PRD could be workable, but you may also meet the error that the transported project status is displayed as “Not ready for processing” from “imported” after the database connection setup.
Status of screen:

All the button is grey, it can’t be downloaded or uploaded any load file, even the “prepare project” job doesn’t been generated or running.

Root caused:

The assembly of the SAP S/4HANA 2022 FPS0 is incomplete regarding data migration objects. Here SAP recommends using Note Analyzer to implement the missing/latest notes, and SAP keeps updating the latest notes via this Note Analyzer. So the specific regular checking timeline for the latest notes is necessarily needed.

Below are the steps of resolve error “Not ready for processing”:

Step 1 – Implement Important Corrections Note 3291483

Step 2 – Implement TCI Note 3291767

Step 3 - Implement SAP Note 3016862 to get the Note Analyzer

Step 4 – Implement multiple Notes extracted from Note Analyzer

Step 5 – Refer to Note 3094534 to check Stepuser existed with correct security or not in Job Repository (T-code /nsjobrepo)

How to use Note Analyzer to get latest notes for S4HANA Migration Cockpit (MC):

  1. Go to T-code SE38 and execute program CNV_NOTE_ANALYZER_MC_EXT or use T-code CNV_NA_MC into the same page.

  2. Only select/tick migration approach of staging tables and untick the rest bucket. 

  3. Get the list of notes for implementation. 


After all relevant notes implemented and transported, the migration cockpit project status changed into “Ready for Processing”.