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MF50 BASICS- part 1

Simple bom structure with  3 component

Routing with four operation & production version detail

MF50 different functionality & steps

1)Production quantity Assignment To Product Line

2)Increase Or Decrease  Of Production Qty

2)Movement Of Production Qty In Time Axis

How to assign production quantity  to product line- R-AO3- PV-1  manually

Go to view and enable assignment mode by selecting the not assigned qty

To create qty manually directly input  qty in  product line  simultaneously  non assigned qty get reduced

1)select  not assigned qty

2)click view in header

3)click assignment

4)select switch on/off assignment

5)manually input quantity to product line , not assigned qty reduced simultaneously

Increase  or decrease  of production qty

Product line I want to increase  production qty for 4 weeks(16 to19)

place the cursor on start period W16 AND Press F9

Place the cursor on end period W19 and press F9 and click quantity change in header then click inc/dec qty  and  propose quantity

qty changed for selected period

Decrease qty  for product line

Moving production quantities in time axis

Production qty assigned to a product line   I want to move to next month or 2 weeks latter

1) select product line

2) click on quantity change in header

3) click on move along time axis

4) select time peroid and enter

      5)screen changes , click on select periods

    6)give to periods w 20 , 21 and save

quantity changed to above period

all changes will be updated  to planned order

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