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The blog post's purpose is to explain the MD07 - MRP exception monitor tracker based on my consulting experience.

This topic can be long, but I would keep the minimal scope here. If you need more details, do let me know in the feedback.

Following are some of the pieces of information provided by MD07. Although Traffic lights are configurable by the user, I used them for this purpose.

  • Supply Chain Balancing

    • Overstocking – Green lights

    • Balanced Supply & Demand – Yellow lights

    • Customer Service Issue – Red light

  • Housekeeping

    • Past due Supply chain elements like sales orders, production orders, purchase orders, deliveries, etc.


  • Supply Chain Balancing features 

    • The days' supply displays the number of days that material will cover if only current plant stock is taken into account.

    • 1St and 2nd days supply.

      • The 1st and 2nd receipt days supply are additional settings we can use to tell the system what procurement elements to use. For example, you can instruct the system to take the less binding receipt elements like purchase requisitions, planned orders, etc. into account for the first receipt days' supply and to take only the binding receipt elements (such as production orders and shipping notifications) into account for the second days' supply.

    • Traffic light settings

      • You can customize how you want the day's supply or the exception messages to trigger the lights.

      • In the below settings, the lights are set up so that for all materials that have a supply between 3 and 5 days, there will be a Yellow light. More than 5 days supply will be Green, and materials with less than 3 days supply will be Red.


 Exception Monitor


Managing the exceptions – find based on lights, exception groups, or days supply.

Managing the exceptions – find specific exception messages.

House Keeping – keeping the system clean

Few Time savers

Use navigation profiles.

Use the search functionality to address exception messages and MRP elements

Use processing indicator to sort between processed and unprocessed MRP lists


Hope this blog post has benefitted you. Seeking your feedback to post more such blog posts.

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