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Hi Team,

In this Blog, we will see how to check material unblock date logic in SAP Transparent Table.

Material Unblock Date Table Logic

Enter Transaction Code : SE16N

Enter Table : CDPOS press Enter

Enter Below Fields In Table CDPOS

1] Change doc. object - MATERIAL
2] Object Value - Material Number Length (18) Mandatory
3] Table Name - MARA
4] Field Name - LVORM
5] Change ID - U (Update)
6] New Value - ' '
7] Old Value - X


Output: Note Document Number against Material

Enter Transaction Code : SE16N

Enter Table : CDHDR press Enter

Enter Below Fields In Table CDHDR

1] Document number - Enter Document Number Generated from Table CDPOS against Material
2] Execute
3] Unblock Date will be in Technical Field Name [UDATE] or Field Name [Date]

Cross Check in Transaction Code : MM03

1] Enter Material
2] Open Environment
3] Open Display Changes

Summary: –

Here, we saw how to check Material Unblock Date in Transparent Table using Two Tables CDPOS & CDHDR.
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