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Material quantity calculation in process order

simple bom structure

Header material with raw materials

while creating process order bom is transferred to order

order quantity is 1

if you click material bom qty will be displayed

then if you click material quantity calculation a/b it Will show bom details

bom header qty you want to add formula

select formula indicator:

click select formula in header

input your formula

for header 100-100 it will show  qty 1

you can specify formula to calculate header qty such as 1*2

click calculate product qty , it will calculate for the formula1*2=2

If you want to calculate for component

click on formula tab of the component and click select formula update your formula

(001,001)header qty+0.01=component qty


you can define formula for each component

if you click on execute results will be copied in process order

component quantity changed as per formula rounded to nearest value

header qty changed as per formula

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