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Quick intro:

This blog explains to get consolidated Price analysis for materials. This business requirement made me to work around and triggered me to write this blog. MIS team of any FMCG/ Manufacturing industry require this tool to analysis cost of Production / overheads etc.,



Material Price analysis report / Price History View report CKM3N/CKM3 is used to analyse the price consumed for a particular Material in a plant along with overheads.


SAP Standard report has the restriction to draw the report  with 1 Material, 1 Plant & 1 Period at a time.

Business Requirement/Understanding/Presentation :

Many organisation/people ( especially in manufacturing industry ) to do the analysis on material price to be drawn across all plants & Material at one go for a period.  This has become a major requirement of all Costing & profitability analysis team and MIS team.  To fulfill the need/demand from the team I have developed a comprehensive report/tool with below parameters & options..

Comparable view of CKM3N for multiple materials/plants has been achieved through below mentioned function Modules.

  1. for getting Price Determination Structure – FM CKM8N_DOCUMENT_REPORT

  2. Cost components           - FM CKM8N_DOCUMENT_REPORT_CCS

  3. Material Ledger data      - FM MLCCS_KEPH_MLCD_READ

it_kalnr = it_kalnr
i_from_bdatj = p_bdatj
i_from_poper = p_poper
i_to_bdatj = p_bdatj2
i_to_poper = p_poper2
et_keph_mlcd = it_final.

Screen shot below describes the report/tool which was build with ALV containers which can be drawn with bifurcated view of both Consolidated & detailed break-up of Cost component split & ancillary component split for each materials.

This new report been consumed by our costing team & appreciated…..which resulted in managing the cost across plants at a single go….


Presently this tool is developed using report structure, Developer/functional people who are having the requirement as “Organisation which needs their overhead/manufacturing expenses based on production plant/Material wise”. can go through this..

Further for any clarifications please comment so, that same can be explained in detail....