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You can assign the number ranges to material type with transaction code MMNR.

You can push the change groups button to do create and assign or change the number ranges for material type.


Screenshot - 1



The material types are called ‘ The Elements ‘ on this screen.

You can create a group for create new number ranges and assign them to the elements. ( Pls Look Screenshot – 2 )


Screenshot - 2



You can enter a name where named group.

You can enter the code what identifies the number ranges on the place that named ‘No’. You can enter any two-character code.

From No. field defines first number to be assigned for internal interval. For external interval it defines the lower limit.

To Number Field last number to be assigned for interal interval. For external interval it defines the upper limit.

The Ext flag is an indicator which determines whether the number range interval is internal or external. For use The Sap System issues the numbers for internal number range intervals automatically. This number is between the from number and the to number. The last number issued is logged in the current number level. You need to enter a number for external number issue. The number you enter needs to be between the from number and the to number.


Screenshot -3




Each group can have one external and one internal number ranges at the same time. ( PLS Look at Screenshot – 5 )

You can push the button named Insert Line for add number range. ( PLS Look at Screenshot – 4 )



Screenshot - 4


Screenshot - 5



And click the save button.


Note: The number range intervals are not included in automatic recording of

customizing changes. Transport of all the changes made within number

range interval maintenance must be triggered manually.


You can select the related material type in the list of Non-Assignment Elements and click the Assign Element to Group button for assignment the material type to group. ( PLS Look at the Screenshot – 6)


Screenshot - 6



The assingment is done if you check the related group like on the screenshot – 7


Screenshot - 7


If you want to delete assignment group, you can click on the group for get inside the group and delete the number range intervals. When the last interval of a group is deleted,
the group itself is automatically deleted. ( PLS LOOK at Screenshot – 8 )


Screenshot - 8


Deletion completed if you check the group of Non-assigned Elements ( PLS LOOK at Screenshot – 9 )


Screenshot - 9


I hope it will help you. Please ask me if you have any questions.



Suatcan Pekak
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