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This document consists of configuring the material master. However , an understanding of how to make changes to material master.


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I try to explain configuration the material master settings for different users or everyone. When you run MM01 tcode , you will see datas for several departments like a purchasing , accounting , mrp , wm , qm ... If you want to prevent some views , you can configure material master dialog.


Logical screen and subscreen :


Bellowed print - screen have a Subscreen-General Data with screen number 2001 . Also , all of the datas of subscreens built a Logical screen-Basic data 1.


When designing your own logical screens, you can use either your own subscreens or standard sap subscreens.


Refer to Additional Fields on the Material Master ... Thanks to miroslav.oprsteny2

Refer to Enhancing Material Master for adding new fields.. Thanks to shahanaz.hussain

Refer to **************** - Tips - Implementing screen exits for MM01/MM02/MM03

Refer to **************** - Adding a field to "Sales Org View2" of MM01/MM02 (No screen exit/BaDI a...

Refer to https://blogs.sap.com/2016/07/08/appending-mara-adding-custom-fields/


Use your own screens if you want to have different field groupings , Tools-->Abap workbench-->development-->user interface-->screen painter.


An example for configuring material master :


I want to use the subscreen with Environmentally relevant and DG Indicator Profile fields in Purchasing view in the case of a special material type and only by certain users.


* In the technical information dialog box , screen number 2010 for the program SAPLMGD1 , Note : Users have to use their own programs to insert fields from their tables and their sunscreens for material masters.



* Create a new screen sequence , copy 21 to Z0  , configuration steps :


--> ZO screen sequence created

--> Check data screens


On columns , you can maintain screens :


Screen types :


1 : Main screen such as Basic data , Purchasing , Sales

2 : Secondary screen such as Additional data


Screen container :


Screens for program SAPLMGMM like a 4004 Main screens with 10 subscreens.


Maintenance status :


Special user departments can maintain a MM record of a particular material type.


User department Maintenance status
Work scheduling A
Accounting B
Classification C
Purchasing E
Production resources/tools F
Costing G
Basic data K
Storage L
Forecasting P
Quality management Q
Warehouse management S
Sales V
Plant stocks X
Storage location stocks Z


GUI Status :


GUI status are defined in Menu-->Painter which consists of a menu bar with menus, a standard toolbar, an application toolbar and functions with function key settings.


Title type for selection group:


Type 2: three/four-part title type, for main screens


When transaction title maintain , it is made up  description, screen name, industry sector and material type.


Retail maintain status :


User department Maintenance status
Basic data 0
Listing 1
Classification 2
Purchasing 3
Sales 4
Logistics: distribution center 5
Logistics: store 6
Allocation table 8



* Change data screen for purchasing related fields in the subscreen 2010.


--> General information : Double click subscreens


* Also ,you can view subscreen and data screen


--> Configurations for adding subscreen to purchasing view , sequence 14 purchasing



--> Replace subscreen 5 with the environment relevant fields



--> Specify for your requirements like a transaction , user , material type , industry sector



--> For example - Specify for material type screen reference : Sarf



--> Go to OMS2 and maintain screen reference of material type



--> You can see Environment related subscreen in Purchasing view of  Sarf material type

Thanks to Selin Unal for her passion




M.Ozgur Unal.
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