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I intended to create a new tab in material master (MM01/MM02/MM03). Some others had already created a new screen sequence so I just needed to create a tab and set up its subscreens. It also means all I need to do is creating a record in OMT3B and creating a new function group in OMT3C. After this, I put all the changed objects into a request and transported it into test system. The development system works fine, but not in test system. I checked all the data configuration. All of them are successfully transported. The only problem is I can't see the new tab name in OMT3R. But the sap system don't give a information let me transport this.

So I searched this and found there're notes 108059 and 108548 talking about this. It says when the screen sequence is changed the data in OMT3R are transported. Otherwise there's no information let you include them. I don't think this is right. Because maybe the configuration of development system is inconsistent with the one in test system. If you transport the whole screen sequence, maybe it will include the objects you don't want to transport.

For example, there're 2 tabs under screen sequence Z1: T1 and T2. The configuration of them are different between development and test system. Now you're going to create a tab T3 and transport it. If you include the Z1 into the request. The tab configuration of T1 and T2 will be overwritten. But if you don't include, it don't works.

I think it's a bug of SAP system. The error is SAP don't auto include the T133D data into the request.

I compared the data between development and test system and, found if you add a new tab, 2 configuration records will be created for the new tab in T133D, and 1 record will be modified its next tab. For example, before adding, the records are:

Tab     Its Next Tab

T1          T2


After adding:

Tab     Its Next Tab

T1          T2

T2          T3


So all you need to do is run SM30, enter V_T133D, include the three new records into your request and transport it. Then you'll see your new tab in the test system!

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