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Mass Change Vendor Payment Method

In today's business world we are experiencing constant change.  A work process that worked fine just a month ago requires modifications and changes to better meet current circumstances.

Because of change SAP has a transaction, MASS, that allows for mass changes to certain master and document data in the system.  This transaction makes changing large groups of master data simpler and quicker.  There are around 21 different Object Types where you can make mass changes to master data:

I would like to demonstrate how you can change the Payment Method field in Vendor master data when a new payment requirement has been implemented.

Transaction Code MASS

Key in MASS in the transaction field and hit <ENTER>  on the next screen click on match code search button and you get a list of all the Object Type you can mass change.  For this task please select LFA1-Vendors.


As the pop-up window explains this transaction will allow you to change multiple tables at the same time as long as they are linked to the Object Type. You will see which tables are linked on the next screen. At this point click on the execute button after you have selected an Object Type.

Here you see the many different tables that are linked to Vendor Master details.  For this demo only the LFB1 Table will be used.  After selecting that line click on the Fields tab to select the fileds that will require a change.

In this demonstration thePayment Method will be updated in the Vendor Master Data. After selecting the field line for Payment Methods hit <ENTER> to continue.  Notice the pop-up that appears reminds you that you can change more than one field at a time in this transaction.  For now it's just the one field be changed so hit <ENTER> again to proceed.

Here one enters the Vendors that need to be changed.  This is usually determined by the business prior to entering this transaction. Key in or copy in the list of Vendors that require their paymet method be changed. .

Key in your company code and then click on the arrow key in the Vendor line to enter multiple vendors.  Once you’ve entered your Vendors that need to be changed Click on the execute button highlighted in yellow. If you have a list of vendors in a spreadsheet instead of keying them in one at a time you can copy the list from the spreadsheet and then click on the paste button highlighted in pink(next to the X cancel button) that will paste the list into your selection screen.

The Arrow has a green dash under it to show that there are more selections being made.  Now execute.

Now you can change the Payment Method column based on your needs.  You can change them one at a time or you can put a value in the top field where you see the cursor, then click on  and that will copy it down to all of the lines at once.  Be careful with that one though so that you don’t overwrite something you may want to keep.  Once you make the changes. Click on  to save.


This is what you’ll see with successful changes.  If they weren’t changed you’ll get a warning or an error message.  Now you can exit the transaction


Updated Master Data

Your end result from this transaction is easily updated master data which had required a change.  As you can see this makes multiple changes quicker and easier to accomplish when you use the MASS transaction.
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