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SAP Basis Administrator always face problem in activating ICF services in mass and in sync with other systems in the landscape, mostly after a new system build or new installation or sometime after system refreshed / client copy as well. This is a general problem and always trouble a lot. Normally we do it manually which takes a lot of time. Here is my blog which will help you to overcome this problem and allow you to activate/deactivate ICF services in mass which will take hardly 2 minutes to perform the task. Though the verification is always recommended.


SAP provides two report RS_ICF_SERV_ADMIN_TASK and RS_ICF_SERV_MASS_PROCESSING which does all the tricks for us. However, it is important to note how to use these reports. Importantly the second one otherwise you might mess up the system by deactivating all the services at once J. Below you will find step by step pictorial blog to make your work easy.


So let's start.

Execute SA38 and provide report name RS_ICF_SERV_ADMIN_TASK

Select option export active services to CSV file

Provide file location and file name
File will be created at specified location. File format will be CSV
All active services exported inside excel sheet
Deactivated services in target system
CSV file having these services
Execute SA38 and provide report name RS_ICF_SERV_MASS_PROESSING
Select the option as shown in the picture and execute
Select Yes
Upload the file and execute
Result of successful activation
All services in the CSV file will be activated in target system


By performing these activities, it will make Basis administration task of activating SICF will easy and save lots of time for them. Normally, activating services manually takes hours, however, doing this way it will take a few minutes to perform the same task.
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