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Having launched three parts of our video series we just got three left to go from our SAPinsider footage! If you missed the previous entries you can find the contribution from mico.yuk here, luke.marson here and babak.hosseinian here. Great input from the three on BI2013, HR2013 and GRC2013!

martin.gillet2 is the fourth contributor in our series and yet again another member of the SAP Mentor community. Many of you probably know of Martin Gillet, especially if you’re active on SCN. He’s the man behind the scenes of pretty much the entire photo reel covering the SAP Mentors and their body of work over the years. You’ll typically find him at events carrying a large Nikon camera around his neck with an 18-55mm VR Camera lens. You MIGHT be aware that he’s also a well-recognised SAP HCM expert and been working in the SAP field for more than a decade now. Beyond his personal contribution to the online SAP space you can also find his handiwork on bookshelves and if you want to become a wiz on ESS & MSS you got to get his book - Configuring and Customizing Employee and Manager Self-Services in SAP ERP HCM - SAP PRESS Bookstore

I would warmly recommend that you view Luke Marson’s video as well in conjunction with Martin’s input as it will give you the complete 360 degree coverage of the entire event. It’s also interesting to compare and see if these two guys got a different set of opinions?

Now enjoy:

That wraps up the 4th video in our 6 part video series. We got one video left of joshua.fletcher2 covering BI and EIM, which will then be followed by a post by yours truly recapping my key takeaways on the event. Martin will surely keep an eye on this post, so if you got any questions fire away.

I’d like to recommend everyone to go to Martin’s own Storify silo covering the HR2013 event  SAP Insider HR 2013 Conference Wrap Up  and in general keeping an eye on his Flickr photostream is always enjoyable!


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