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In the professional services functionality, the project billing part that belongs to the scope item J14, SAP comments on the possibility of creating manual debit memo requests without reference.

When we create a manual debit memo request, we link it to the project by filling in the WBS element field with the project billing WBS element

The problem is that when making the debit memo request without reference and only linked to the project by the WBS element, we don´t have / know any way to see a document flow where those documents appear.

We have reviewed the option to see the invoices in the project, but this does not help us since the credit memoss and invoices that have been made on requests for debit memos request that have not been generated through the app "Release of billing proposals " not listed.

Does anyone know of a way to see all invoices that have been made that are linked to a project in a single report / app?

Thank to everyone in advance.

Best regards

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