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Reports on Equipment BOMs, Functional Location BOMS or Material BOMs are not available in standard.  We can make these reports using respective tables through infoset queries. SAP provided a great facility in the form of Logical Databases in these areas using which, the report making becomes very easy. Using LDB eliminates the hassles of using independent tables and troubleshooting the joins. LDB has everything in-built for you.

Logical Databases

CTC      -       Functional Location BOM

CEC      -       Equipment BOM

CMC      -      Material BOM

Using LDBs we can design the output as Boxed Reports, i.e., One BOM for each box. See this

Like It? Let's see how we make it .

This post might not cover every detail at basic level as these aspects are discussed in detail at the post Infoset Queries: Collection of important posts

So here we see the vital aspects of how to make subject reports.

We are learning through the example of Equipment BOM

Infoset (SQ02)

The Infoset is created based on Logical Database CEC as shown below.

As mentioned already everything is already in-built in LDB. You need to just select the fields you want to take into Query. I have taken these.

Here I’ll share with you about the extra fields I’ve created for my report.

My report needs ABC Indicator and Planner Group (LDB does not have these fields). So I created these 2 fields as above and fetched the values as under.

Code for ABCKZ

Code for INGRP

All done here in SQ02. We will have Program (user) selection fields from SQ01 (Query). Let’s Before we swich to SQ01, generate the Infoset we created and assign to our Usergroup.

Infoset Query (SQ01)

Create an Infoset Query based on the Infoset we’ve just created. Take the fields you require into the output. I have taken these shown below.

Now Go to Settings in the Menu and click on Settings to get this pop-up.

Clear Graphical Query Painter checkbox if checked already. This allows us to  design each record in the output in separate boxes in ABAP List option.

Click on Basic list . Here you can define the line structure. Here instead of detailing I’m giving the screens of my work one after one.. (You can play with other options and study the behaviour).

The first screen of Line Structure (Line numbers, Field sequence, Sorts etc)

Next page of Line structure. (through Downward arrow)

Now Press F6 (or click on the icon below) to go to Next Screen The screens are given here one after another.

Next Screen1

Next Screen2

Next Screen3

Next Screen4

Here in this screen you can define the Feilds for colors in the Column Format  shown above. OR you can give colors to the fields by switching to Graphical Basic List Option and as explained in the document referred in the beginning.

Next Screen5

This completes the Box design.

Now let's save the Query and execute. See the Selection screen here.

Give your selection field values (in Planner Group etc), Select the ABAP List option and execute. See the output.

One Box for each Equipment BOM, where Equipment details are given in the first line and the component details in Green anf the count summery at the bottom. I like this boxed report.

Then, if someone wants to see this report in ALV only, then a mouse click on the icon in the Application toolbar converts this report into ALV. Click on Back  button to come back to Boxes format.

So that's everything about this. It is obvious that the respective reports on Functional Location BOMs and Material BOMs are made in a very similar manner using the respective Logical Databases.

Expecting that this document too would be of help to members.

Thank you

Jogeswara Rao K

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