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In the below blog, I would be highlighting the steps to make delivery texts mandatory before performing the post goods issue. I came across some threads in the forum which I have pasted below which were incomplete and did not give the complete solution. The aim of this blog is to help all functional consultants to perform this configuration without technical help.

delivery header text obligatory

Text Determination - Mandatory at Delivery Header | SCN

Design Considerations:

The solution can be achieved by making customization changes in text determination procedure and incomplete procedure as explained in the below screen shots.

1) Go to transaction code votxn, click on Delivery Header and Change as shown below

2) Select the relevant text determination procedure and the text id's in textprocedure.

3) Ensure that the relevant text is made mandatory

4) The next customization steps need to be performed in the Incomplete Procedure. Go to transaction code ova2 select the delivery header and click on fields

5) The standard incomplete procedure assigned for the header text is 50. Click on enter. For item texts the incomplete procedure assigned is 51.

6) The table FTEXT and field LTEXT are assigned to the status group 00 in standard customization

7) The status group controls the system response for incompleteness. (below two screen shots are attached). The status group is defined in the customization node Sales and Distribution-Basic Function-Log of Incomplete Items-Define Status Group

😎 Click on new entries and customize a new status group. To make the texts mandatory before goods movement ensure that the check in goods movement is maintained

9) The new status group which is created can be assigned through a maintenance view V_TVUVF which is available in sm30 transaction code. Click on maintain and enter 50 which is the incomplete procedure for header text as explained earlier

10) Change the default status group from 00 to the customized status group Z1


11) Ensure that this incomplete procedure is not assigned to the delivery document.

12) In the Delivery document when the post goods issue icon is clicked, the system throws the below error as explained in the next screen shot.

13) Click on edit-incompleteness in the delivery document

14) The system prompts for the mandatory text to be entered before performing the post goods issue

Kind Regards


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