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TCode         Program                       Transaction Text                   
AAEP1         RAFWGO_UPLOAD_AA              Procedure for Single Records: AA   
AAEP2         RAFWGO_FRP_AA                 Procedure for Final Results: AA    
AFO_FOI_PP    RAFO_FOI_POSTPROCESS          FO Integration: Postprocessing     
AFWA          SAPMJBRA                      Create Maintain Analysis Structures
AFWBM         SAPMAFWBM                     Edit Master Data for Benchmark     
AFWFL         SAPMAFWCH_FL                  AFWCH: Filter Maintenance          
AFWKF_AA      SAPLAFWKF_MAIN                Key Figures and Eval. Procedures   
AFWO1         RAFWGO_SHOWEP1                Single Records Procedure: Monitoring
AFWO2         RAFWGO_SHOWEP2                Final Results Procedure: Monitoring
AFWOBM        RAFWGO_SHOWBM                 Final Results Procedure: Monitoring
AFWPH         Portfolio Hierarchies              
AFWS          SAPMAFWCH_SEGMCHAR            Maintain Segment Level Characterist.
AFW_ACT1      RAFWCH_SAMPLE_STR_ACT         Anal. Struct.: Activ.Sample Settings
AISS          RJBRSVAC                      Single Val. Analysis - Sensitivities
BAPI          SAPLSBF_BW                    BAPI Explorer                      
BDBG          SAPLBDBG                      Create ALE Interface for BAPI      
BP            SAPLBUPA_DIALOG_JOEL          Maintain Business Partner          
CMOD          SAPMSMOD                      Enhancements                       
FC17          SAPMFTR_CTY_PRICE             Commodity Prices: Change           
FCZZ          RTPM_TRCO_MAINTAIN_COMMODITY  Maintain Commodity Master Data     
FI12          Change House Banks/Bank Accounts   
FNVS          SAPMF67A                      Display Contract                   
FTREX12       RFTR_TEX_POSITION_SHOW        Exposure Position List             
FTR_00        RFTR_COLLECTIVE_PROCESSING    Collective Processing              
FTR_ALERT     RFTR_ALERTMONITOR             Financial Transaction: Alert Monitor
FTR_BAPI      FTR_BAPI                      BAPI Test Program                  
FTR_BP_BIC    Maintain BIC/Account for BP        
FTR_COCREATE  R_TCOR_CREATE                 Create manual correspondence object
FTR_COMATCH   R_TCOR_MATCH                  Match unmatched correspondences    
FTR_COMONI    R_TCOR_MONI                   Correspondence monitor             
FTR_CREATE    FTR_ENTRY                     Create a Transaction (TR-TM)       
FTR_CSPRD     Credit Spread - OTC Transactions   
FTR_DEALPOS   FTR_DEALERPOSITION            Dealer Position                    
FTR_EDIT      FTR_ENTRY                     Process a Treasury Transaction     
FTR_IMPORT    R_TCORF_START_IMPORT          Import Incoming Messages           
FTR_INB_ASSIGNMaintain BP group for inbound format
FTWCS         RTXWCATS                      Segment catalog                    
FTWP          SAPMTXWC                      Settings for data extraction       
FWBS          SAPMF64Z                      Manual Posting                     
FWDP          RFVWDPR1                      Securities account list            
FWDU          TRS_SEC_ACC_TRANS             Securities Transfer                
FWK0          SAPMF64R                      Edit corporate action              
FWSO          RTPM_TRS_POST_AUTO            Automatic debit position           
FWZE          SAPMF64Z                      Manual debit position              
JBAS          RJBRSTDS                      Save Dataset                       
JBDO          SAPMJBDO                      Financial Object                   
JBIRM         Reference Interest Rate Maintenance
JBNPV         Maintain NPV                       
JBR4E         RRMPH001                      Deactivate Portfolio Hierarchies   
JBR5          RJBRPHUPD                     Update Portfolio Hierarchy         
JBR8          RJBRPHAD                      Adjust Portfolio Hierarchy         
JBRBPC        RJBR_CALC_MARKET_VAL_FOR_BOND Bond Price Calculator              
JBRCT         RJBRCVTR                      RM: Transport of Char. Values      
JBRCU         RJBRCVCU                      Edit Characteristic Values         
JBRCV         RJBRCVAP                      Maintenance of Characteristic Values
JBREVAL       RJBRAUSWT                     Maintain Evaluation Type           
JBRF0         RJBRRMSP                      Collective Processing of FOs       
JBRI          RJBRNV02                      Risk Management: Grid Analysis     
JBRJ          RJBRNV01                      Risk Mgmt: Sensitivity Analysis    
JBRK          RRMPH001                      Display Portfolio Hierarchies      
JBRP0         RJBRPHUPDA                    Update Portfolio Hierarchy (Experts)
JBRR          SAPMJBRR_CLASS                Maintain Risk Hierarchy            
JBRW          RRMPH001                      Generate Portfolio Hierarchy       
JBRX          RJBRSVAC                      Single Value Analysis: NPV         
JBVIR         Interest Rate Volatilities         
JBVIRC        Interest Rate Volatility Curve     
JBWH          SAPMKXHI                      Maintain hierarchy                 
JBYC          RJBRATES                      Overview/Maintenance of Yield Curves
KLNACHT       RKLNACHT                      Attributable Amount Determination  
PAEP2         RAFWGO_FRP_PA                 Procedure for Final Results: PA    
PAEPBM        RAFWGO_FRP_BM                 Procedure for Final Results: PA    
PFCG          SAPLPRGN_TREE                 Role Maintenance                   
PMSV          RTPM_TRF_REVERSE_MARGIN       Reversal of Margin Flows           
PMVM          RTPM_TRF_VARIATION_MARGIN     Calculate variation margin         
RAEP2         RAFWGO_FRP_RA                 Procedure for Final Results: RA    
RASRPDEL      RAFWGO_DELETE_SRP             Reorganization Single Records Proc.
RCA00         SAPLRMRCT                     Edit Generic Transaction           
RECON4        RTPM_TRS_RECON_DISPLAY_EXT    Process Ext. Sec. Acct Statements  
RECON5        RTPM_TRS_RECONCILIATION_EXT   Reconcile Ext. Sec. Acct Statements
RMCM          RFTBCMGT00                    Link Between Cash Mgmt and Risk Mgmt
RMV0          RJBRSVAC                      Single Value Analysis: VAR         
RM_98         RJBRBPDIAG                    Diagnosis of BP Admin. Tables      
SARA          SAPMAADM                      Archive Administration             
SBIW          SBIWSHOW                      BIW in IMG for OLTP                
SCPE_PQ1      Maintain Price Quotations for CPE  
SCPE_PQ3      Display Price Quotations for CPE   
SE18          BADI_START                    Business Add-Ins: Definitions      
SE19          BADI_START                    Business Add-Ins: Implementations  
SE71          SAPMSSCF                      SAPscript form                     
SE80          SAPMSEU0                      Object Navigator                   
SFP           FP_START_FORM_BUILDER         Form Builder                       
SLG1          SBAL_DISPLAY                  Application Log: Display Logs      
SM30          SAPMSVMA                      Call View Maintenance              
SM34          SAPMSVMA                      Viewcluster maintenance call       
SMOD          SAPMSMOD                      SAP Enhancement Management         
SO10          SAPMSSCE                      SAPscript: Standard Texts          
SPROXY        SPRX_START_ESIBROWSER         Enterprise Repository Browser      
SQ01          SAPMS38R                      SAP Query: Maintain queries        
SQ02          SAPMS38O                      SAP Query: Maintain InfoSet        
SWETYPV       Display/Maint. Event Type Linkages 
SWO1          SAPLSWOO                      Business Object Builder            
SXMB_IFR      RSXMB_IFR                     Start Integration Builder          
S_ALR_87008531SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY        IMG activity: BARWERT_OTC          
TANCC11       RTPM_TRCO_CCURVE_OVERVIEW     Overview commodity curves          
TANCCMASTER   R_TCC_CCMASTER                Commodity Curve Maintenance        
TANCC_COMPARE R_TCC_CURVE_COMPARE           Compare Commodity Curves           
TANMDCR       SAPLTAN_MDCRS                 Define Structure Chart for MDCR    
TAN_MDS       SAPLTAN_MDS                   Maintain Market Data Sets          
TAV1          RFTBRF00                      Fix Average Rate                   
TAV2          RFTBRF01                      Reset Average Rate Fixing          
TBB1          RFTBBB00                      Execute postings                   
TBB4          RFTBAB00                      Accrual/deferral                   
TBCD          RFTBCD00                      Treasury: Change Docs Transactions 
TBCS          RFTX70SO                      Automatic fixing processing        
TBD3          RFTBDF00                      Datafeed: Market data administration
TBD4          RFTBDF07                      Datafeed: Updated market data      
TBD5          RFTBDF06                      Datafeed: Import market data file  
TBDA          RFTBDF14                      Datafeed: Real-Time Initialization 
TBDM          RFTBFF00                      Market Data File Interface INPUT   
TBDN          RFTBFF01                      Market Data File Interface - OUTPUT
TBR4          RFTBCM00                      Treasury: Reverse netting          
TBR5          RFTBCM10                      Treasury: Netting proposal list    
TBR6          RFTBCM00                      Treasury: Create reference         
TBR7          RFTBCM00                      Treasury: Change reference         
TBR8          RFTBCM00                      Treasury: Display reference        
TBR9          RFTBCM00                      Treasury: Reverse Reference        
TBRL          RFTBCM20                      Treasury: Coll. proc. references   
TBT1          RFTBTRA1                      Transaction Authorizat. for Traders
TBZ1          RFTBCO00                      Output Correspondence              
TBZ11         RFTBCO20_MONITOR              Correspondence Monitor             
TBZ12         RFTBCO_CHECK02                Overview of Reset Counterconfirmatn
TCL1          Define Lines of Credit             
TCOM          FTR_COMPBID00                 Evaluate offers                    
TEM15         RTEM_VERSION_CREATE           Generate Version                   
TEM20         RTEM_ANALYZE                  Exposure Analysis                  
TF00          RFTR_COLL_PROC_REPO_FORWARDS  Collective Processing for Repos    
THM10         RTHMHR_EXPOSURE_EXPIRY        Exposure Expiration                
THM11         RTHMHR_REVERSE_EXPOS_EXPIRE   Reverse Exposure Expiration        
THM12         RTHMHR_PLANNER_EXPIRE         Hedge Plan Expiration              
THM14         RTHMHR_HR_SETTLEMENT          Hedging Relationship Dedesignation 
THM15         RTHMHR_REVERSE_HR_DEDES       Reverse HR dedesignations          
THM30         RTHMHR_NPV_ON_INCEP_DATE      Define NPVs on Inception Date      
THM35         RTHM_ADJUST_INT_TRANSACTIONS  Adjustment of the interest rates   
THM50         RTHMHR_PROSP_ASSESSMENT       Transfer Prospect. Effect.Assessment
THM51         RTHMHR_REVERSE_PROSP          Reverse Trans. Prospect.Eff.Assess.
THM52         RTHMHR_DISSOLVE_WHEN_INEFF    Retrospective  Assessment          
THM53         RTHMHR_REVERSE_RETRO          Reverse Retrospective Eff. ***.    
THM54         RTHMHR_MANUAL_OCI_RECLASS     Manual OCI Reclassification        
THM58         RTHMHR_AUTO_EQU_RECLASS       Automatic EC Reclassification      
THM59         RTHMHR_AUTO_EQU_RECLASS_REV   Reversal of Automatic EC Reclass.  
THM80         RTHMHR_EFFECTIVENESS_TEST     Effectiveness test                 
THM81         RTPM_DTIL_OCI_POSTINGS        OCI per hedging relationship       
THM82         RTHMHR_OVERVIEW_PLANNER       Hedge plan overview                
THM83         RTHMHR_HRPER_DER              Hedging Relationships per Derivative
THM84         RTHMHR_EXCEPTION              Prematurely Reclassified OCI       
THMEX         RTHMEX_FRONTEND               E-Hedge Accounting                 
THMMM         RTHMEX_INTF_MM2FAS133         Exposure Upload from Money Market  
THMST         RTHMHR_HR_STATUS              Hedging Relationship Status Overview
TI00          RFTR_COLL_PROC_FUTURES        Collective Processing for Futures  
TI10          TRIA_MANUAL_FIXING            Create Interest Rate Adjustment    
TI11          TRIA_MANUAL_FIXING            Change Interest Rate Adjustment    
TI90          RFTBBF01_VERSION2             Posting Release                    
TI91          RFTBJL02                      Collective Processing OTC Options  
TI92          RFTBJL03                      Collect.Processing-Int.Rate Instrum.
TI93          RFTBBF01_VERSION2             Manual Posting Block               
TI94          RFTBJL04                      Collective Monitoring of Options   
TISCERN       RFTI_CTY_EXP_N                Commodity Positions Report         
TJ01          RFTBJL00                      Journal of transactions            
TJ04          RFTBFL02                      Payment Plan                       
TJ05          TRIA_AUTO_FIXING              Automatic Interest Rate Adjustment 
TJ05_REV      TRIA_AUTO_FIXING              Reverse Automatic Int. Rate Adjust.
TJ06          RFTBFL03                      Option Expiration                  
TJ07          TRIA_ADJUSTMENT_LISTING       Interest Rate Adjustment Schedule  
TJ08          RFTR_RELEASE_WRKITEM_DEAL_LISTTransaction Release: Work Item List
TJ09          TRIA_AUTO_FIXING              Update Planned Records             
TJ12          RFTBCF00                      Journal: Transactions w. Cash Flows
TJ13          TRIA_AUTO_FIXING              Update Adjustment Dates            
TM00          RFTMWRK1                      Money Market: Collective processing
TM0F          SAPLTM00                      Fxd Term Dep. Fast Entry           
TM1F          SAPLTM00                      Deposit at Notice Fast Entry       
TM20          RFTMSB00                      Money Market: Collective Processing
TM21          RFTMKGF0                      Deposit at Notice Cash Flow Update 
TM22          SAPMF740                      Check Dates against Calendar       
TM30          SAPMF740                      Commercial Paper: NPV Calculator   
TM3F          SAPLTM00                      Commercial Paper Fast Entry        
TMA5          RKCMKCGD                      Edit characteristics               
TMCA          FTR_FX_COMPBID                Create fixed-term deposit offer    
TMFM          RFTMFIMA                      Money Market: Generate Cash Flow   
TMSA          FTR_SIMU00                    Create fixed-term deposit simulation
TM_60         RFTR_FAC_COMMITM              Line of Credit and Utilization     
TM_60A        RFTR_FAC_COMM_DRAW_FEE        Lines of Credit, Drawings, Fees    
TPC2          User for Authorization Check       
TPC4          Programs for Authorization Check   
TPC6          Periods for Authorization Check    
TPM1          RTPM_TRL_VALUATION            Execute Valuation                  
TPM10         RTPM_SLD_ASYNC_POST           Fix. post or reverse transactions  
TPM100        Transaction for P-Hedge Accounting 
TPM110        RTHXE_MASS_EFFTEST            Execute Effectiveness Test         
TPM112        RTHXE_EFFTEST_FAILED          Ineffective Hedging Relationships  
TPM12         RTPM_TRL_SHOW_POSITION_VALUES Treasury Ledger: Position List     
TPM13         RTPM_TRL_SHOW_FLOWS           Treasury Ledger: Flow List         
TPM18         RTPM_TRL_TRANS_FIX            Fix/Post Derived Business Transact.
TPM20         RTPM_TRAC_POSTING_JOURNAL     Posting Journal                    
TPM22         RTPM_NOMINAL_CORR             Display Nominal Adjustment         
TPM25         RTPM_TRF_POST_MARGIN          Post Margin Flows                  
TPM26         RTPM_TRQ_SHOW_POSITIONS       Display quantity ledger positions  
TPM27         RTPM_TRL_DERIVE_TRANSACTIONS  Generate Derived Flows             
TPM28         RTPM_TRAT_TRANSFER            Transfer Acct Assignment Reference 
TPM3          RTPM_TRAC_LIST_AA_REF         Account Asst Reference Allocations 
TPM35         RTPM_TRF_MANUAL_POSTING       Manual posting                     
TPM4          RTPM_POSITION_ACCOUNT_MAINTAINFutures Account                    
TPM40         TRS_TRANS_DISPLAY             Display Class Cash Flow for SecAcct
TPM44         RTPM_ACCRUAL_DEFERRAL         Fin.Products Profit Accrual/Deferral
TPM56A        RTPM_PIN_CHANGE               Change Position ID (Securities)    
TPM57A        RTPM_PIN_DISPLAY              Display Position ID (Securities)   
TPM59         RTPM_PIN_STOCKEX              Exchange per Company Code/Class    
TPM60         RTPM_GET_NPVS_FOR_VTVBAR      Save NPVs                          
TPM61         RTPM_TRDT_POS_EXEC            Execute Data Transfer Positions    
TPM61A        Position Information: Securities   
TPM63         RTPM_TRDT_DATA_EXEC           Execute Data Transfer              
TPM63B        Val. Area-Dependent Data: Securities
TPM63C        Val.Area-Dep. Data: MM, FX, OTC Der.
TPM63D        Val. Area-Dependent Data: Futures  
TPM64         RTPM_TRDT_DATA_REV            Reverse Data Transfer              
TPM70         RTPM_TRL_IMPAIRMENT           Record or Clear Impairment         
TPM73         RTPM_VAL_SP_VAL               Special security valn              
TPM74         Enter Values for Manual Valuation  
TPM75         RFTI_CHECK_IMPAIRMENT         Reference Report for Impairment    
TPM8          RTPM_TRF_CASHFLOW_DISPLAY     Display Futures Account Cash Flow  
TPM80         RTPM_TRTF_FUND_TRANSFER       Fund Transfer                      
TPM81         RTPM_TRTF_FUND_TRANS_REVERSAL Reversal of Fund Transfer          
TPM82         RTPM_TRTF_PORTFOLIO_TRANSFER  Portfolio Transfer                 
TPM83         RTPM_TRTF_PORTF_TRANS_REVERSALReversal of Portfolio Transfer     
TPM85         Inv.Pool Participants: Edit Add.Data
TPM86         RTPM_TRE_TRANSACTIONS_GENERATEGenerate Trans. f. Pool Participants
TPM87         RTPM_TRE_TRANSACTIONS_REVERSE Reverse Inv. Pool Participant Trans.
TPM88         RTPM_TRE_TRANSACTIONS_DISPLAY Overview:Inv.Pool Participant Trans.
TPM89         Edit Investment Pool Master Data   
TPM9          RTPM_TRF_POSITIONS_DISPLAY    Pos. List-Class Pos. in Futures Acct
TPM90         Edit Investments                   
TPM_INITIALIZESAPLTPM_TRG_INITIALIZE        Initialization of Parallel Val.Areas
TRIG_IGT      RTPM_TRIG_IGT_WORKLIST        Tcode for IGT processing           
TRS_SEC_ACC   FVW_SECURITY_ACCOUNT_START    Securities account master data     
TSL00         RFTR_SL_COLL_PROC             Securities Lending: Coll. Processing
TSL10         RFTR_SL_LEND_SEC_YIELD        Sec. Lending, Collateral, Revenues 
TSW2          RFTXM320                      SWIFT Generation MT320             
TV21          SAPMF7C1                      Change Scenario                    
TVMD          RFTBFF20                      Transfer Mkt Data                  
TVS1          RFTVST00                      Statistics calculator              
TX06          RFTXJL02                      Forex: Collective processing       
TX31          RFTR_INTFX_LAUNCHER           Create Internal Forex Transaction  
TXAK          SAPMF7AK                      Calculation of option premiums     
TXV5          SAPMF77A                      Execute Fixing Transaction         

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