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The purpose of this document is to give you a workaround to the problems encountered in handling text notes when updating or inserting lines using the LSMW tool. The infotype must of course be part of the entries in the V_T582S view.

Encountered problem:
Take for example the infotype 0015, we want to update the text note for tht lgart  0808, we build our recording , we specify the area REC_TXT

The steps of the LSMW are executed until the reading of the occurrences loaded from the text file

At the the data conversion step

We got the message below

When viewing the program, we notice that the REC_TXT field has 000000 as  length


The data conversion program is not generated correctly due to the null length of the REC_TXT field . this nul  value is allocated in the first step when creating our  recoding .


The Solution :

To overcome this issue, access the table "/ sapdmc / lsgbdc" in update mode via transaction SE16N and modify the value of the three fields "LENG", "INTLEN", "OUTPUTLEN" to value 100 for example

Once the modification has been saved, the LSMW steps are run from the beginning without modifying the manually edited recording. The data conversion program is  correctly generated:

We finish the remaining steps of the LSMW and we generate the batch input successfully.
folowing all the above steps we succeed in solving the issue encountered  without necessary coding.

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