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Any BI solution sooner or later face a challenge to maintain consistent business terms. S/4 HANA Embedded Analytics is not an exception. In my blog I will explain how to maintain consistent business terms with minimum maintenance efforts and modification free.

ABAP CDS Views dimensions and measures should refer to SAP data dictionary data elements (avoid using @EndUserText.label annotation). In most cases, you already getting consistent dimensions and measures when selecting data from SAP tables because table fields refer to data dictionary data elements. Still there are a few scenarios that need to be considered:


Casting Calculated Dimensions and Measures to Data Elements

Whenever you define calculated dimensions or measures you should cast expression to standard or custom data dictionary data element. As you can see from screenshots below dimension names are derived from data elements



Casting Dimensions and Measures to Different Data Elements

Sometimes dimension and measure refer to general data elements and you need to specialize them. For example, in case we select Sold-to and Ship-to dimensions from Partner table then we get general name Customer for both.

What is required is to cast Sold-to and Ship-to dimension into different, more specialized data elements.



Renaming Standard Dimension and Measures Changing SAP Data Elements

What if standard dimensions and measures do no have names you need. They can be easily renamed changing SAP data element texts they refer to. See blog for more information.

As you can see from example below Sales Document Item and Delivery Item dimensions have the same names.

Both dimensions can be renamed changing POSNR_VA and POSNR_VL standard data element texts (see screenshots before and after below)

Now both Sales Document Item and Delivery Item have descriptive names


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